Thursday, January 26, 2006

Australia Day!

On January 26th, 218 years ago, the first English settlers (most of them convicts) landed in Sydney Cove. Instead of celebrating by drinking a few stubbies of VB and maybe watching some fireworks, I walked to work freezing my ass off. I guess the Australian Embassy (conveniently located crawling distance from my apartment) might be doing something, but I rarely go there for anything; voting and watching the Grand Final is about it. About the extent of my celebration is to parade about in my Australian one day cricket jersey, and annoy people about it all day. And drink beer, of course. So go out there and do something Aussie today! I suggest using liberal use of the word "mate" and boycotting Outback Steakhouse. And please, for the love of God, don't drink a Foster's.


Played a little bit of poker last night, though I didn't do much. Got into a PLO8 tournament on Stars, and even managed to last a couple of hours. Sir Waffle and I then jumped into a micro-limit O8 limit tournament. Sir Waffle was in the money, with 22 left out of 590-odd when my laptop battery died. I busted in about 120th or so. My high point was 16th or so out of about 200 left, but then proceeded to get crushed when holding A-A. I severely over-value that hand in limit O8; usually in PLO8 I can thin the field pre-flop, but in limit it can be hard to push anyone out. That'll learn me. I am also continuing my streak of busting before Waffle when we swap 10%, so Sir was threatening to bubble just to spite me, and at one point it was looking possible. But he is in the zone right now, and I tip my cap to him.


  • Post Pending on my final status in the O8. I did good though.

    By Blogger SirFWALGMan, at 11:06 AM  

  • Happy Aussie day! You must be having fun since I didn't see ya online.

    By Blogger Veneno, at 12:30 AM  

  • Yeah, I went out for a bit, though I did jump on quickly. Not much pokeration though.

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 10:33 AM  

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