Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fun with Wil and CJ

There was a good tournout last night for Wil's Tuesday Night Extravaganza, with 78 people registering. I managed to take down 5th, fuelled by Trader Joe's two buck chuck. After all the tournament junk-kicking he has been taking recently, it was cool to see Drizz come in 3rd - and cash in another tournament as well.

I started off at Wil's table, and managed to drop the hammer twice in the early going. During the second hour I had a comfortable stack, and was feeling fine... right up until CJ materialised directly on my left. Oh dear. I have a history of giving all my chips to CJ, and recently had moved to new "pre-emptive" strategy where instead of waiting for him to outplay me I would just make some retarded lemur move and give him all my chips first. Last tournament I was happy when I spent a fair whack of time on his table and didn't haemorrage chips to him.

Many people will tell you that there is only one tried and true method to playing CJ: suck out on him before he has a chance to suck out on you.

In the pivotal hand between us I look down and see K-K. Nice. I pop it for a pre-flop raise from earlyish position, CJ calls, and we go heads up to the flop. The flop is 9-10-J, with two spades, I think. "Crap," I think to myself. "There's a chance CJ has a set here. I don't think he has K-Q, since I have two Ks, but this _is_ CJ. Hmm. Well, I do have an overpair, and a Q could always fall..."

Alright, maybe my thinking wasn't that coherent. It was probably more like "Aiiee! Push!" And push I did. CJ calls, I flip up my cowboys, he flips up A-A. Of course this means I am in excellent position for the suck out, and before I can even call for it I spike a Q and suddenly have all of CJ's chips.

This is not a position I am used to being in.

That hand gave me a nice enough stack to slide into the final table, though I was short-stacked for most of the time. At one point I got it all in against Drizz with K-J (I think) versus his J-8 (maybe... the two buck chuck was really kicking in at this juncture), but the board threw down 5 spades and we split. A little later when I was getting really short-stacked I looked down and saw 2-2, maybe my least favourite hand to go all-in with. But I was in late position, reaaaaaaalllly short stacked, and needed to do something immediately... and so I went out in 5th when I was called and one of caller's cards paired.

I had also jumped on the blogger 1 cent/2 cent PLO8 table. Had a good time playing and chatting, and managed to run my $5 to $12.75 or so. I also agreed to play a late night micro-limit Limit O8 tournament with Sir Waffle, and donked out of that one without wreaking too much havoc. He must be wondering how I am cashing in these other tournaments when I don't do much whenever we swap 10% of each other.

UPDATE: I'm a moron, I actually finished in 6th place in Wil's tournament. Just sayin'.

ADDENDUM: If you haven't been already, run, don't walk, to Ryan's blog. He has been laying down some must-read posts about his adventures at the LA Commerce Classic, including his 6 figure first place tournament finish. Woo!


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