Monday, January 23, 2006

Mixed Up

It turned out to be a Mixed Game weekend. After the HORSE fun on Friday night, I played a little micro-limit Razz on Full Tilt with Veneno. At one point our aggressive play emptied out the table, which was very amusing. Unfortunately a couple of other people turned up who actually knew the game, which should be made illegal in Razz.

Over the weekend I played a slew of HE tourneys, and a few other non-HE tournaments with Sir Waffle and Veneno, including some limit O8 and some more Razz. I didn't hit any of the tournaments after the HORSE tourney - my best effort was derailed when I got cute on the bubble in a FT 10k guaranteed. Whups. I'm actually taking a shine to Razz, even when I get into a big pot and manage to draw three successive 2s, or (my personal favourite), having someone beat 7 ways from Sunday, and having them hit an Ace on their last card to get me. I think I am getting a better feel for the game, but I can't forget to be aggressive when the situation warrants it. On at least one occasion I let someone have a free card which lost me the pot. I must remember to embrace the Aggression Monkey.

Of course yesterday was Championship weekend in the NFL. Prior to the Division round I opened up an account on Bodog and put $100 in there, figuring I'd use it to bet on the remaining NFL playoff games for a bit of fun. My logic was that I'd bet on maybe 5 games, so even if I lost all the bets I could have $20 apiece on each. Last week I talked myself out of betting on Seattle (boo!), was scared silly of Denver/New England, laid $20 on Carolina (yay!), and $20 on Indy (boo!). Taking out the juice, it meant I had $96 going into this week. I figured that since there were 3 games left I'd bet $33 on each of yesterday's games, so even if I lost I had $30 to throw at the Superbowl.

Early in the week I didn't have a good feel for either of the games, but during the week I read everything I could, and waited patiently for my betting muse to kick in. On Thursday I decided that Pittsburgh and Seattle felt right (yes, it's very scientific), and put down $33 apiece. I was even lucky and got Pittsburgh at +3 without any juice taken out.

Before heading off to the bar to watch football I had a really nice PLO8 session on the cash tables, picking up $160 or so. It would have been even nicer if I did make a couple of $40 mistakes, when I got a little frisky. The good session set the stage for the afternoon, as both Pittburgh and Seattle came home in a canter. So all in all I was up $250 or something on the weekend, with all the profit coming from non-Hold'Em gambling. I'm just hoping my good run from the last couple of weeks continues.


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