Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Poker Tips with Andy Bloch

Like a lot of you, I receive Full Tilt's "Poker Tips from the Pros" emails periodically. Some of these are pretty interesting, if just to get the opinion of people who actually know what they are doing. A couple of recent articles that have caught my eye are Kristy Gaze's "Stepping up, Stepping down", and the group effort "How Big a Bankroll?". If you are interested, here are the archives.

Andy Bloch has just returned from Tunica, and is sharing his experiences in the latest article. First of all, I don't want to seem like I am taking a shot at Andy Bloch, I just found this amusing. Let me boil the article down for you: "A lot of people in No Limit Hold'Em tournaments play like donkeys; don't play like a donkey". I get the feeling that Andy was coming home from Tunica, maybe sitting in the airport bar and nursing a Gin an Tonic, going over various plays and going to himself: "What the hell are people thinking?!" I know this is blindingly obvious, but it just reminds me that established pros must still shake their heads over how the general standard of play has fallen through the floor in the last few years. And I say this is a contributor to that fall.


I didn't play much poker last night. After throwing $20 away on the cash tables, I realised I was really tired, and the best thing to do was hang up the keyboard and do something else. Like maybe watching a movie. Amongst other things I am one of the Worst Netflix Customers of All Time. Or maybe in their eyes it's "Best". Whatever. Despite having a subscription to NetFlix for three DVDs, I think I have watched a grand total of 3 NetFlix movies in the last 6 months... and that is only if you include me watching "12 Monkeys" last night.

"12 Monkeys" is a movie that I had seen bits and pieces of, so I basically knew the plot and ending etc., but I really wanted to watch it from beginning to end. Which I did, and throughly enjoyed, just a pity it took me a few months to sit down and watch it.

One small thing I get a kick out of the longer I live in the US is watching movies and going "hey, I've been there/recognise that!". "12 Monkeys" starts off with a quote from an inmate of a Baltimore County mental institution. I go "cool, I live in DC, and have been to Baltimore heaps of times." In the movie, which begins in the future, the human race lives underground. The first part of the movie has Bruce Willis' character forced to go above ground to collect some samples. He goes above ground, and the first thing that pops into my head is "huh, looks like Philadelphia, not Baltimore." It was strangely gratifying for me to discover that yes, that was Philly. Small things I guess.

In case you think this kind of thing is an isolated incident, I still get an inordinate amount of enjoyment from watching "The Matrix" and picking out all the locations from Sydney. I have no defense for this lameness, except to say that I can be, well, lame.


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