Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rub Me for Luck

Another day, another 180 SnG. Actually, since I got home early, I decided to play some O8 on PokerStars and FullTilt. This turned out to be a good idea, as my first hand on FullTilt I tripled up, and on one of my poker tables on Stars I not only hit a straight flush (which was a wheel), but hit another one as well... this time a royal flush.

This is how well I am running.

Putting aside thoughts of staying on the cash tables, I decided to book my $160 profit for one hour's play, and attack another 180 SnG. Here's the bad news: I didn't win. Here's the good news: I finished 9th. Yes indeed, another final table in one of these things. I'm kind of beside myself... in 5 attempts at them, I have final tabled 3 times with one 3rd and one 2nd. That isn't meant to happen. But hey! I'm not complaining.

This time I started out slowly, hanging around par. I managed to double up (thanks to a complete lemur) towards the end of the first hour, which put me in decent shape. From there I managed to drag a huge pot when I flopped a set. I had been applying the blowtorch to this poor guy who ran into my trip 7s, and we had another memorable hand where he made a fantastic call under great pressure of my attempted bluff. He almost laid it down, which would have propelled me to almost top of the leaderboard.

Yes I know, close is for horseshoes and hand grenades.

I was then forced to keep fighting to make the money, which I was able to do, upon which I was cold-decked. Saw absolutely nothing, and was only able to squeak into the final table by judicious stealing of blinds, antes and limper's chips when the situation presented itself. I lasted a good four hands into the final table, when I saw a real hand (presto) when I was in the small blind. I raise all-in, but run it into pocket 7s. I don't improve (despite calling for the suckout), and I'm done.

Wil's Thursday night warm up tournament starts in half an hour as well... I doubt that I am going to jump into that one, but you never know. Time to eat something and reflect on another good day on the tables.


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