Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday Tourney Action

After last week's 3rd place effort in my first ever 180, I figured I would definitely try a few more. My plan also was meant for me to only play one tournament/table at a time, to try and improve my focus.

Of course I instantly disregarded this once I saw that Wil's tourney was running tonight. I decided to run a 180 at the same time I was playing Wil's tournament, though I intended to concentrate on the SnG mainly. This went awry almost immediately, as I bluffed away almost half of my stack in the 180. Suitably chastened I knuckled down, and by the first break I was up to 3.2k. Some of the play I saw was pretty terrible, and only further encouraged me to play more of these, not to mention to also play solid poker in the future especially in the first hour of tourneys.

Unfortunately I proceeded to get completely cold-decked in the second hour. I didn't see a hand, and soon I was getting short-stacked with antes underway. Then the following hand occurred. I was in the big blind, holding 10-6 off, when only the chipleader called. The flop came A-A-10, and I had a little bit of hope. The chipleader bet almost the pot, which lead me to believe that he didn't have an Ace... which also meant that I felt there was a good chance that my 10-6 was best. I pushed, the chipleader called (which I felt he might do with any two anyway)... and I see K-10. None of my outs hit, there was the added insult of seeing a K on the river, and I went out in 37th. Overall I was happy with my play, considering the cards I saw, especially in the second hour.

Wil's tourney was fun as always, and I got to spend quite a bit of time on tables with BadBlood, CJ, Jaxia, Ingoal and Nickerson, amongst others. Pauly suffered the ignominy of being "Gigli" for the evening, getting busted out first. I started out well, pushing around a few people who I hadn't played with before.

My big hand happened during the second hour, after my stack had dwindled (once more). I was in the big blind when DeadMeek, in early position and with a stack a little smaller than mine, raised to 4x the big blind. I looked down at 9s-9c as everyone folded to me. I thought a little bit, and decided that DeadMeek could be holding two big cards, or maybe even a mid-pair. I decided to jam, figuring that there was a good chance he would lay down his hand, and even if he called that I would have a decent chance to win the hand. I was right. DeadMeek held Ks-Qs, and called. I could do worse than a coin flip, and I even had one of his spades. Of course a Q on the flop put me in trouble, and a 9 didn't materialise, despite my calling for it CJ-style, and all of a sudden I was seriously shortstacked.

That was when "Operation All-in" began, as I judiciously pushed when I thought my hand was good enough, and that I was in a decent position to steal the blinds and antes. I lucked out at one point when I was on the button and almost down to the felt, pushed, and managed to survive the blinds checking me down.

And then came the dream. Q-Q, in early position, with everyone knowing I had been pushing with less than premium hands. Naturally I push, hoping someone figures me for getting frisky again, and Kaellinn obliges... but shows K-K. Oof. Once again my CJ stylings fail, and I'm done in 19th of 67. Overall I was happy with my play though I still have to think about my move with 9-9, and whether it was worth potentially crippling myself at that stage.

Other than that, I think I am going to make a serious effort to play a 180 SnG whenever I can. The quality of play seems pretty ordinary, and if I stick to playing solidly in the first hour, and with a little more luck and a few more cards in the second hour I think I can have a decent shot at making it into the money. I also have a bonus at FullTilt to work off, so I intend to get to that , but this second I'm hankering for 180 SnGs.


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