Monday, January 30, 2006

You Know What Monday Means: Sleep Debt!

Ah yes, Monday morning. I had trouble getting to sleep last night (this happens reasonably frequently), and eventually decided to check exactly what time it was. I thought 1:30am, maybe 2... oh, 5:30am. Um, that isn't good. When I lived in Sydney, my apartment was a ten minute walk from work. This was outstanding for those days when I was tired/hungover... a 45 minute nap at lunchtime was a definite plus.

The weekend's results were a little mixed for me. I did try to satellite into the 700k guaranteed but due to drinking commitments I was very sleep-deprived when the one I attempted kicked off at 11:30am Sunday morning. Perhaps not the smartest move, but hey, your bankroll only exists once, right? My suited A-K went down to Presto, as the flop gave me two clubs but made Presto a set, and a third club didn't come.

My PLO8 results were up and down, though I finished down. A little disappointing as I was very strong at one point, but made a couple of misplays and hurt myself. I am considering performing a hit-and-run if I take down a humongous pot when I play, even though this strikes me as a bit of a weak move. I may do this if I think its a reasonably tough table; if there is someone performing the duty of ATM it would be silly to leave.

I ran a couple of 180 SnGs, crashing and burning early in one, and cashing (but not final tabling) the other. So the current stats are: 8 attempts, 4 cashes, 3 final tables, 0 wins. If I get my act together I might throw up a little box score on the side to keep tabs on my performance. But still, I am doing well in these. I am considering concentrating on these for the time being. Yes, all of you out there (both of you) are allowed to say: "Well, duh!".

I did manage to cash in a couple of micro-limit tourneys, including one that Waffles and I swapped 10%, though the amount I won was so small he declined his cut. I also entered the 10k guaranteed at FullTilt last night, and again mis-stepped on the bubble to be out in 70th with 63 getting paid. *sigh* This is becoming a trend in tournaments on FT.

Alright! Enough about me. You should be going to Dr Pauly's to check on the status of the Borgata Winter Open. Chris Fargis is still alive, just above par with 165 left. 75 get paid apparently. I urge everyone to send Chris your poker mojo! Chris has also been updating his blog here and there during the tournament, which is tres cool. Oh, and don't forget to keep an eye on Ryan's LA Commerce adventures.


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