Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Am I A Fish?

Let me be straight here: poker is a hobby for me. I enjoy it, I hope to continue improving, and I would like to make money doing it. I am not planning to become a poker professional some time down the track, nor am I planning on buying into a 10k buy-in event any time soon. I do not own PokerTracker, though I will probably set about remedying that in the near future. I have just begun using PokerDominator to keep track of my sessions.

Though my first ever real money account was on Empire Poker, these days I play exclusively on PokerStars and FullTilt. Why these two rooms? Firstly, most bloggers I know play mostly on those two rooms. A few play on UltimateBet, or Titan, or various other places. Secondly, PokerStars and FullTilt also seem to have a clue about customer service and have decent people running the ship, rather than the Party Pokers of the world.

PokerStars, with it's hiring of Otis and recruitment of Wil for Team PokerStars, have really made an effort to connect with the blogger community specifically. Their reconfigured VIP system is also player-friendly, and they have a great array of tournaments. FullTilt, with it's roster of Pros, has done a wonderful job of selling itself. Where else can you log on any given night and take Mike Matusow's money? In the charity tournament on Sunday there were FIVE FullTilt pros registered for the tournament in the field of 152: Jen Harman, Erik Seidel, Rafe Furst, John D'Agostino and Andy Bloch. That is beyond awesome; not only do they give the average punter a chance to sit down with a Pro, but the fact that they supported the charity tournament itself was fantastic.

Of course I am a bit bummed that I can't look at getting rakeback for FullTilt as I already have an account there (and am not planning to open a second account to take advantage of offers out there). I have considered looking at signing up with some other online poker rooms for a bit of bonus whoring, but my heart just isn't in it. UltimateBet might be good for a run at some Triple Draw action, though obviously I'm not racing to plonk money down there.

So does this all make me a fish? Probably. I don't think there is a lot of argument that I should get more serious about some things: getting PokerTracker, making an effort to identify which games I have the best return at, maybe thinking about bonus whoring at some other sites to pad the bankroll. But I also really enjoy jumping on a cash table with Waffles and trash-talking the table at large, or joining a 180 SnG with Weak and Sox and groaning in dismay as Weak is one-outered on the river by a royal flush (sorry Weak... and someone better post that hand history or I'm going to).

Do I have a point here? Maybe not. I think I needed to jot down some of these thoughts. I'm kind of caught between continuing to treat poker pretty lightly, or knuckling down and getting serious. And maybe that's OK.

Nonetheless, if in six months time I am playing high limit triple draw against Chris Fargis, consider yourselves warned.


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