Monday, February 20, 2006

Amazon splurge!

Are there any two sweeter words in this inter-web world than "Amazon Splurge"? Besides "Celebrity Porn" I guess, but I digress. Last Friday I decided to bust out the plastic and purchase a bunch of things I had been meaning to buy at one time or another (including a few poker texts), but had never gotten around to actually acquiring. Of course I figured since I was there, I might pick up this, and that.... and before I knew it I had $140 worth of gear. I signed up for a free trial of "Amazon Prime", this service that allows you to get your stuff faster for nada if you pay an annual subscription. Check it out, whether you plan on opting out before the trial period ends or you are just a complete Amazon junkie.


My showing in DADIII was lacklustre. I ended up in a battle with Mookie where I almost cockroached my way back, before going out with a bang.

I didn't play a single 180 SnG over the weekend (*gasp*) though I did spend some time on the $0.50/$1.00 NLHE tables on FullTilt on Saturday. On the very first hand I blew away one buy-in, an inauspicious beginning. I managed to fight my way back to be just in the black, which was nice. My second session was red-hot, booking a win of almost two buy-ins in 25 minutes while waiting for a tournament to start. My third session I was in the red to the tune of $40 or so - I lost (again) on the first hand with set over set, and lost another hand where I flopped two pair against a guy slow-playing Aces and got all my money in but had the two pair made counterfeit on the river. Overall I was happy, and think I will be spending more time there trying to make some scratch and working off my outstanding bonus (I hope to clear it before the end of the month so I can redeposit for another bonus - yes I am a whore).

I played a couple of tournaments on FT (no luck), and it was pushing midnight. No one was doing much of a social nature (due to it being freezing outside), until I was accosted by a friend of mine who wanted to go out... So I dropped all things poker, went out with a couple of friends until closing, and then came back to my apartment and drank and chatted until 7am or something retarded.

Funnily enough I was not in any shape for cards yesterday. Maybe I'm becoming weak in my old age.


  • Enjoyed playing in the Heads Up tourney. Our match by far was the longest I played throughout the tournament.

    A buddy of mine, was just talking about Amazon Prime at lunch today.

    Here is the link to my blog:

    By Blogger mookie99, at 5:20 PM  

  • Cheers Mookie. I updated the posting with a link to your blog.

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 5:33 PM  

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