Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cowboy Up! Or Down.

So, last night was time for Wil's weekly Tuesday Tournament. Big field, with 125 or so peeps, which was pretty cool. I did start off with Iggy and Columbo on my table, which was cool.

Started off well, dropping the hammer twice, once for a big pot when the guy I was up against may as well have been wearing a sign saying "I am on a flush draw". I then pulled my biggest move of the tournament, getting 10-10 and J-J to both call me for all of their chips when I had A-A. Aces hold up, and I have a huge stack.

After that I stayed either at #1 or at least in the top few for quite a while, trying to use my stack to advantage - playing with a big stack is part of my game I have to work on. At one point Jaxia got moved to my right, and had the misfortune to push from the SB when I had Aces (again) in the Big Blind. She got no help, and Aces got another notch in the belt.

Yes, I was getting ridiculous cards. Hammer twice, A-A twice, K-K twice... but K-K was not so kind. I lost my first large-ish pot holding K-K when I was heads up with one player and the turn threw a second Jack on the board. A re-raise over the top of me was enough for me to decide I had seen enough. The second time I had K-K I re-raised pre-flop and had two callers, Iggy and Shabboth. Board comes 10-9-9. Shabboth bets out 1k. I don't think he has a 9 or 10-10... it's possible he has an over-pair (J-J or Q-Q probably) or something. I come over the top, re-raising to 3k. Iggy drops out, Shabboth thinks for a moment, and then goes all-in. I call the extra 800 or so chips and the cards flip over. Shabboth has... A-10. Nice. Wil appears on the scene and congratulates me as a blank falls on the turn. But, whups, there is Mr Ace on the river.

OK, so I owe everyone a dollar now.

That threw me down the leaderboard and in fighting for my life territory as I was moved to another table. I managed to steal the blinds and antes a few times, and then found 5-5 on the button. Now I really needed a double up to get my wind back, and 5-5 was looking nice, so I pushed on the button to try and get the blinds and antes again - maybe one of the blinds would call with over cards and I have chance for extra chips. The Big Blind, no doubt annoyed with my shenanigans, found the perfect opportunity to strike back as he woke up with K-K (of course). Flop comes A-3-4, and I start singing out for a 5 or 2. Not this time, and I lemur out in 31st.

All told I was happy with my play. Maybe I was throwing my chips around a bit wildly at the end, but I did feel like I needed to make a move. Of course I was still a little tilted from the hand where I got punched in the gut, but that's how it goes. I just feel that in a tournament with this many people if I manage to build a huge stack I want to make it count. There's always next time.

It looks like CJ, RandomSam and Wil all did some live-blogging for the tournament, so check them out.


  • Yeah that was a brutal. You would have had a monster stack to play with if that stupid 10 didn't come.

    By Blogger Wes, at 4:34 PM  

  • Oops, I meant ace.

    By Blogger Wes, at 4:34 PM  

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