Sunday, February 26, 2006

Heads Up with Veneno: The Carnage Continues

Game 2 of the Garth vs Veneno Challenge is in the books. For those not paying attention, it was not a win for me. Surprise! It was an ebb and flow affair, though I only grabbed a decent chip lead at one stage. I used the all-in move more this time, which was effective (except once of course) - unfortunately I did not get called when I needed it. The bust-out hand was when I flopped two pair. All the money went in on the river.... Veneno had flopped a set, and that was it.

I feel happier with how I played, though obviously I didn't win, or really ever have her on the ropes. Nonetheless with the hands I got I felt I did OK. We did have all the money in pre-flop when I had "Kournikova in a Short Skirt" (K-Q s00ted) against Veneno's A-4 off, but no joy for me. She raised to 4xBB, but I put her all-in. The pre-flop odds were essentially 45/55, and I put her all-in, so that was decent - she called because I had put her all-in pre-flop the previous hand where she really wanted to call but folded. That's how it goes I guess.

The upshot is I am now 0-2 in the challenge, and 0-3 lifetime against Veneno. I need to win the next 3 in a row to take the thing out which given my record is definitely a big ask, and considering the recent history things do not look good. Oh yeah, that means I'm 1-6 the last 7 times I have been in a Heads Up situation (cue violins, and the sad clown weeping). It might be best if I skip finishing re-reading "Harrington on Hold'em I" and read the HU section in "Harrington on Hold'em II: This Time It's War". It can't hurt, right?


  • Please read Harrington, it can't hurt! As for getting me on the ropes, lol..keep dreaming...

    Thanks for a good time and for helping me look good.

    By Blogger Veneno, at 1:02 AM  

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