Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just to point out the obvious...

(I know I have mentioned this before) but everyone should be keeping up with Ryan and his run in the LAPC at the Commerce. He has been updating sporadically during the tournament with a handheld device (a Treo?). Frankly, his run has been amazing, and hopefully it will continue - even with the uptick in competition as the Main Event looms and the pros come to town. I know Chris Fargis has just hit LA as well... it would be the height of awesomenessicity (that word has a patent pending) if they sat at the same table and both blogged about it. My mind would explode.

So, enough about them, and more about me. On Sunday and Monday I played this much poker : 0. After the last week of work pain, working Saturday, and then Sunday shenanigans I needed to get home and sleep. Of course something blew up at work (again), and I got home late (again) but I was able to order in some food, have a long hot shower, and then pass out for many hours. I am also still moving about like an athritic old man, but hopefully I can get over that by the end of the week.

Tonight I hope to get back in the poker saddle, maybe assault a 180 SnG or something before I jump into Wil's tournament (8:30pm EST, Stars, password: monkey). Be there or be somewhere else.


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