Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Night of the Waffle

I managed to crash through my front door last night right on 8:30pm. I hurriedly booted my laptop, punched up PokerStars, and tried to log into the tourney. I made it in as the 98th registered out of a final number of 99. I started off with Wil and Columbo on my table, so there was some glamour. So how did I do? Not bad - didn't get too many exciting hands, though I did zap a short stack with QQ vs 22. My other nice hand of the tournament (discounting my 7-2 which was snapped off) was K-K when I was in the small blind... no pay day however.

At one point I was moved to a table featuring Sir Waffle and CJ. I managed to bounce CJ when my A-K suited (clubs) beat out his Jacks (once club) in dramatic style. Two clubs and a 10 on the flop, Jack on the turn, Queen on the river.

Next to Sir Waffle was this guy called Hoyazo. They were going at it, mixing in a little trash talk (I know! Sir Waffle! I would never have imagined!). I was starting to get short-stacked despite the odd bout of blinds stealing, and decided that J-10 suited was good enough for me to push. Hoyazo, who had me covered ever so slightly, deliberated for a time... and then called with A-4 off. I thought that was an interesting call, but hey, there you go. I managed to win, however, which left Hoyazo with 62 chips. Hoyazo managed to run that up to 800 or so, until he was busted my Sir Waffle.

About that time we changed tables. I was getting short-stacked again, and pushed from late-ish position with A-8. The biggish big blind called with A-K, and my night is done. I finished in 23rd or some such, with 9 paying. So I was close enough that if I went on a run I could have done something, but far enough away that exactly where I finished isn't really important.

While watching the end of the tournament I donked off some money playing PLO high (I am so rusty it is a crime against poker), and watched as Waffle slowly made his way through the field. To the final table. To the final 5. The final 3. And then heads up. He had a distinct chip disadvantage at the beginning, but managed to bring it back to even on the second hand (upon which a break started). I made a prediction that with Sir Waffle in, Heads Up wouldn't last long.

And so it came to pass. The Waffle was triumphant! Be sure to check out his blog, which has his own insights to his magical journey of discovery and poker domination. And then, for fun, check out Weak Player's blog for hilarity.


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