Thursday, February 09, 2006

Swing and a Miss

0 for 2 in 180 SnGs last night, and I didn't make it into the second hour for either of them. I'm in the middle of a bout of futility in these, but it shouldn't be a surprise. I started off white hot, so a run of not so good finishes is to be expected. Of course part of the reason I haven't done so well is because of my not so great play, so it isn't a surprise I guess. Last night I called off the rest of my short stack hoping I had the best hand instead of feeling confident of having the best hand. That is a recipe for lemuring off into the sunset, it definitely is not the way to play poker.

I also note that this is the first time that my winnings for the 180 SnGs have dipped below a $1000 since I soared over that magical mark with my 2nd place finish. Again - being in the black nearly $1000 when I have only played 14 of these things is still damn good. I'd just like a cash in the near future to get some mojo back. But we'd all like a cash in the near future, right?

Whenever you start off on a hot streak and have a little futility, there is always that little voice that goes "maybe you're just lucky, maybe you're not that great". And I definitely know that this is one of the 10 suggested Poker Blog subjects listed on the card presented to everyone when they start one of these things... but still. It doesn't mean you don't feel it.

But onward and upward! One good finish, or a good session on the cash tables and I'll be back to making grandiose statements about my ability/looks/athletic ability. I know everyone is looking forward to that.

And hey, if it doesn't happen, I have that whole drinking thing to lean on.


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