Friday, February 24, 2006

Work, WWDN, and something else beginning with W.

Things I hate about my job #15433: carrying a pager around with me half the time. Things I hate about my job #15434: getting paged at 3:45am in the morning. Yes, fun times. Thankfully it didn't turn into a multi-hour troubleshooting extravaganza, though I had a bit of trouble getting back to sleep. I decided that this definitely warranted sleeping in and getting into work late - this meant that I only beat my boss into the office by an hour and a half, rather than the usual two + hours.

No, I am not joking.


We had a work "happy hour" last night, and fortunately was not a "dodge the people you really don't want to talk to" effort, but a reasonably enjoyable and laid back drinking session. I did turn down an offer to join a few people for dinner - I felt there was no reason to turn an "enjoyable" time with co-workers into an "excruciating" social experience. Get out while the getting is good.

I got home three sheets to the wind (normally it takes me an hour or so at home to get to this state) and fired up Full Tilt's NLHE tables. And promptly got stacked twice in quick succession.

Stacking 1: I get Q-Q in late position, raise it up, big blind calls. Flop is 2-6-6, I raise and big blind calls. Turn is a blank, we get it all in, big blind flips over 6-4 s00ted.

Stacking 2: I get A-K in middle position. Guy ahead of me raises to 3XBB, I re-raise the pot or so, everyone folds except the initial raiser who calls. Flop is Ks-x-2s. All the money goes in, initial raiser shows 2-2, I get no help.


I was battling back, attempting to get unstuck, before SoxLover convinced me to ditch the cash tables and play a 20 + 2 2-table SnG on Stars. We both had a good run, though Sox eventually bubbled. When we were one away from the money I made the Dubious Decision [tm] of signing up for the WWDN tourney, despite a) still being in a significant SnG, and b) not really wanting to stay up that late.

Strangely enough I ended up being a donator, making one of my fantastic Scary Bets On The River Because I Don't Think You Have The Ace... except of course I got called. Not one of my finer WWDN moments. At that stage I gave up all pretense of paying attention to the tourney and returned to the SnG.

I eventually got heads up, though my opponent started off with a 5-1 chip lead. I worked and worked, and at one stage managed to take a (small) chip lead. Unfortunately I wasn't able to put him away, and as the blinds starting getting pretty large I got frisky with K-9 s00ted and got all my chips in versus A-3 off, but none of my cards arrived.

For those scoring at home, my official record for the last 6 times I have been heads up is 1-5. Yay! I guess this time I didn't have my opponent all-in when he was way behind, but I don't exactly feel great about it. On the bright side my finish in the SnG put me (just) in the black for the night, despite getting stacked twice on the cash tables and donating a 10 + 1 entry fee. Nice.


  • Hey, Garth. At least you ended up in the black! I'm going to link you up if that's cool with you. Hope to see you in the WWdN on Tuesday.

    By Blogger Matt Silverthorn, at 12:13 AM  

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