Wednesday, March 01, 2006

All You Can Eat!


So, Fat Tuesday, a day I knew by "Shrove Tuesday" back in Australia, oblivious to the day's fatness and phatness, has been and gone. I kicked it off by downloading and installing PokerTracker (finally). I then went and kicked off the poker playing with some 0.10/0.25 cash NLHE with Kaellin, Waffles and Davee, managing to win the first couple of hands nicely. After that it was treading water until I walked right into a "second best hand" situation, which left me down 8 or so bucks. At 8:30pm it was time for WWDN... and it was carnage. Weak went out first overall, Waffles second overall, Flux didn't last much longer, nor did Sox, and then it was my turn.


While I was mulling what to do with the rest of my evening I got a call from an ex-neighbour from a bar near my place, imploring me to come down and get phat. So I got my shit together, walked out the door - and then promptly couldn't find anyone as the place was completely jam-packed. The scenery was fantastic however, so I threw down beers and ogled while I did laps around the premises. I eventually decided to write it off, and wandered back home.

Since I had polished off most of a bottle of wine before leaving the house, I was definitely on my way to DrunkTown. This is clearly the best time to play more cash NLHE! This time I jumped on FullTilt (my NLHE cash site of choice) on a $0.50/$1.00 table. I bought in for the max and waited to see what would happen.

Despite being pretty drinky (and continuing to imbibe) I logged off an hour 45 later up just over 1 and a half buy-ins. Easily the best session I have had since getting back into cash NLHE recently. I'll try to relate a couple of hands; hopefully they approach reality as I don't have the hand histories in front of me, and I was tipsy at the time.

My second biggest hand of the night came when I limped into a family pot with A-5 s00ted. Flop came 9c-Qs-Jc. Clubs was my suit. There was a little betting on the flop, but the price was definitely right, and three of us went to see the turn: me, a short-stack to my right, and a stack slighty less than me on the button. The turn is Qc. Right now my only real worry is that someone has a straight flush, or that someone decided to get into the pot with Q-J. The small stack bets the pot ($18), leaving $2 behind. I decide to just smooth-call (if he has a boat he is playing it pretty damn fast with a short stack), hoping that the button is coming along for the ride. My dream would be that he has something like Kc-Qh, and is hoping to hit another club. The river is a blank, the small stack checks, and I look at the $72 pot. I know the small stack is priced in to whatever I bet, but the question is how do I extract money out of the big stack? Assuming he doesn't have a boat or the straight flush, I can see two possibilities: he has a big Q, or he stuck around hoping that a big club made a flush on the river. If it is the first possibility, I might get paid. The second possibility means he is folding to anything (and I would be pissed another club didn't come). I decide to bet out $30 - enough so if that he has any kind of hand (or thinks I am trying to muscle him out to get heads up with the short stack) he might call me. If he comes over the top I have a tough decision to make, but I think it is worth it. Action goes "call, call", and both flip over trip Qs. Nice.

Twice during the night I managed to get all my chips in pre-flop with K-K against Q-Q. The first time I got sucked out on, but thankfully it was only to a short stack. The second time I got the money in I was up against a big stack ($115 or so). I was in the BB, he was on the button. He raised to 3xBB, I came over the top making it $6 more, he re-raised making it $16 more to me. I shrug, hope he doesn't have Aces, and push. The guy doesn't insta-call, and I start feeling good. He eventually calls and shows me his Queens. This time the Kings held up, and I raked in another big pot. I'm not sure what the guy thought I had; I hadn't been displaying any manic tendencies that would have revealed such over-defense of the blinds, and I'm thinking that the only hands he could really put me on were A-A, K-K, or A-K (I think a smaller pair like J-J or TT has to be unlikely, unless he really thinks I am trying to push him off the hand with my big stack - but even then it's a monster call). That means at best he is in a coin-flip situation against a stack that has him covered.

Those two pots were the biggest I played all night, and both times I came out on top. A bit of luck and good cards go a long way. Needless to say I am motivated to play more cash NLHE.


  • Do you play on Full Tilt primarily ? I haven't played on there in awhile, but will probably put some cash in there as it seems most of the bloggers play there and on Pokerstars. Try to make it onto Pokerstars tonight and play in our little tourney.

    By Blogger mookie99, at 2:12 PM  

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