Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Death by Hammer

Continuing my recent run of lack-lustre performances in WWDN tournaments, I busted out in 31st or so of 85 last night. I felt I was playing quite well, right up until the point I was dealt the hammer in the Big Blind. Villainiss in LP made a standard raise, and I came over the top with a re-raise. V cold-calls and we see a flop of K-Q-x, rainbow I think. I make a continuation bet, and V calls. At this point I realise I probably should throw my hand away, as I get the feeling V thinks her hand is good. There is a blank on the turn, and instead of check/folding I throw caution to the wind and push. V calls me (she had me slightly covered) and shows A-Q.


I blow kisses to the crowd as I go out in a blaze of... something. Stupidity? Stubborness? Blogger glory? It would have been lovely if Villainiss thought I had A-K and laid her hand down (that would have ruled!), but hey whatcha gonna do? (Answer: not be too moronic with the hammer, I guess.)


Weak and I warmed up for the WWDN with a little 10+1 2 table SnG action on Stars. He got off to a good start on his table while I had to work away on mine. When the tables were consolidated we both had almost identical reasonably-sized stacks. Probably the most important hand of the SnG for me occurred when we were six-handed I believe (maybe it was five-handed - at any rate only four paid). The guy on my right in EP made a standard raise. I look down at A-K and push (I have Mr EP covered). Everyone folds around to Mr EP, who calls and shows a mid-pair. No joy for me, and instead of knocking someone out I am crippled.

From this point I began pushing judiciously when the situation merited, and fought my way back into reasonable shape. There were two big stacks, while Weak, myself and Mr EP from before had almost identical stacks. Mr EP was being reasonably passive, while Weak and I were still taking shots at the blinds when we could. I was in the SB, Weak in the BB, when it was folded around and I saw A-4 off. I decide to push, and Weak calls with 10-10. D'oh. A 10 on the flop and IGHN.

Again I felt I played really well, though in the bustout hand I could have made a standard raise instead - Weak would have gone over the top of me and I would have been faced with a tough decision, though I probably could have laid the hand down.

Weak eventually went out in 3rd, when his A-9 s00ted went up against pocket 4s. Two Aces on the flop (yay!), followed by a 4 on the turn (boooooooooooooooo!). Weak's run continues.


The Full Tilt jacket that I won in a bounty during the Leukemia charity tournament arrived yesterday. It's actually pretty stylish, and I'm very happy with it. If you have 6,500 Full Tilt points and want some nice poker-related gear, check it out.


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