Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Arvo Means Clock Watching!

The good news is that the Spartans got their act together and put Wisconsin away nicely. After the game the Ex, the New/Old Boy and I went out to another bar where we played drunken pool against a strange cast of characters. There were three of us, and three of them, so 3 on 3 pool it was. The leader of their posse was a middle-aged, loud, humorously annoying guy dressed all in black with a shoe-string tie and an arrowhead clasp. He pronounced himself half Native American, half French and I believed him. His second was a middle-aged Native American woman, from the Hopi tribe if I'm not mistaken. The third was a younger guy, probably 26 or 27, dressed in business garb and trying hard to be cool. He reminded me a lot of a guy I knew from high school.

Our intrepid heroes featured myself in the role of "extremely inconsistent pool player". The New/Old Boy (NB for short) was an OK player, while the Ex was filling out the "person getting more and more loaded while still somehow playing decent pool" position. As I am a little sensitive about acting too chummy with the Ex with the NB around I spent most of the time in between shots drinking beer at the bar and chatting up the cute tattooed alterna-chick bartender.

I refuse to take bar pool seriously, a reflection upon the fact that I can play fantastic pool and look like a shark only to turn around and miss 15 gimme shots in a row. I used to play regularly in a Wednesday night pool competition at the Menzies Hotel in Sydney. There were some great players there, including one who I was friendly with and turned out to be the ex-Managing Director of Microsoft Australia (no one really cared too much what you did, so I only learned this fact after knowing the guy for like 2 years). I was always happy if I got past my first round match, let alone get deep. I once played magic pool for an evening, only to choke away the final to a player I should have eaten for lunch.

Given my blase attitude, and the fact that the Ex was drunk enough to start dropping her pool cue unintentionally, I didn't have the heart to suggest that maybe I should be bumped up the batting order instead of playing 3rd. Every game was close, but we went down 0-4. I hate being blanked, but that's how it goes when you are playing drunken pool against the Bizarro Trio.

The ongoing non-pool action was definitely amusing. The Hopi woman had decided I was cute, and was flirting. The young guy was failing to chat up the bartender, failing to be as cool as he thought he was, and trying to be my friend - I am invited to a party at his place in a couple of weeks; apparently his "scary" landlord is Australian. The Ex was getting drunker and drunker - the bartender and I agreed that it was hilarious but that the Ex was also cut off. The French/Native American dude was being loud, demonstrative, hilarious, and enjoying copping quick feels of the Ex. NB was chatting to the Hopi woman and keeping an eye on the Ex. The alterna-chick and I were having a good chat, and I was slightly disappointed that the odds were extremely long that she was a) single and b) interested in some Australian Action. I caught the Ex, God Bless her, informing alterna-chick that I was a "great guy", and asking if she "had many boyfriends". Nice to see the Ex going in to bat for me, even if I was slightly mortified. (Yes, the bartender has a boyfriend. Natch.)

We rolled out of there about 1am, and I immediately headed home and passed out. Due to the last three nights of heavy drinking and late nights, today has been a bit of a trial. You know it's bad when the short-order cook at the joint downstairs stops what he is doing to point out how tired you look.

I'm not sure if I'm staying in or going out tonight, but a nap when I get home is definitely looking likely. Whither Drunken Poker? Stay Tuned.


  • I am the GOD of Drunk Pool Playing. The more drunk I get the better. I once made a 4 bank shot while totally shit faced drunk that I never would have made sober..

    It helped that the bet for the shot was being able to join a OBGYN friend of mine for one of his "Examinations". Somehow he never paid..

    By Blogger SirFWALGMan, at 4:49 PM  

  • Very impressive stats on the 180s. I would take that any day over my losing record in HU. I have fun, but am so not making any $$$$$.

    The Weak stat was pretty funny.

    By Blogger Veneno, at 12:36 PM  

  • Fyi...i got sick..i don't think i am cutout for IM a shots...

    By Blogger Veneno, at 3:42 AM  

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