Monday, March 06, 2006


For the first time in a while, I did not play poker for two days in a row. Astounding! Yes, Thursday and Friday I refused to heed the siren song of the virtual felt, instead going out with friends (but still drinking heavily). I didn't even log in to play drunk donkey poker, though I do have to say that I was so loaded on Friday night I half-expected to wake up on Saturday morning and see that PokerTracker had dutifully logged some awful stats.

During the day on Saturday there was no time for poker either. I had to wake up at 9am to do some work from home, after which I went back to bed. Then I was up at 10:30am to go and play flag football, despite the fact I was still in hideous sleep debt from the previous week. By the time I got back from vigorous physical activity I had time to shower, change, and head into work - it was a maintenance window this weekend and I needed to do my stuff at 5 o'clock.

After all of that it was 7:30pm on Saturday night before I returned home. There were two things I wanted to do: play poker, and drink. Veneno had decided that she wanted to drink as well, and so in the spirit of AlCantHang it was time for IM-a-shots. Though I drank red wine steadily throughout the evening, I threw back shots of vodka and red bull whenever anyone needed a drinking partner. Veneno overdid it and needed to ride the Porcelain Bus, but that's what you get for drinking liquor with mango flavouring.

As for the poker, I started off finishing 11th in a two-table peep sex tournament on FullTilt. I then joined SoxLover in a retarded-sized 10+1 on Stars. I managed to cash, finishing in 167th of 1538. This achievment, taking 2 and a half hours, netted me a snazzy $1.30 profit. (Yes, the tournament was my idea - these tournaments fascinate me for some reason.) By this time a bunch of bloggers had joined us, and people were jumping into 45 person SnGs and the like - I came 7th in a 45 person turbo (I panicked when I noticed I had no chips in relation to the blinds... yes, I don't play turbo tourneys often), and busted out of another just out of the money. A 180 SnG saw no real results. We all then jumped onto a 0.10/0.25 and showed off assorted donkey poker playing skills. I was a chief donator early on, though I did take a bunch off of Kat (who still hasn't forgiven me).

I finally crashed somewhere around 2am or so. All I needed was a good night's sleep. Unfortunately I wasn't going to get it, as I had comittee and coaching meetings for my Australian Rules Football team (the season approacheth! and I need to get fit real soon now!), starting at 10am.

Way, way too early.

By the time I was all done and back home it was 4 o'clock, and time to begin Operation Turn Bombsite Back Into Apartment. I wanted to get everything out of the way, and hopefully have time for a nap, before it was time for Sir Waffle's tournament on FT at 8:30pm. Unfortunately there was no napping, though the tournament did start later at 9pm with a change of venue due to FT going down. By this time I was really starting to struggle, though I was determined to do some damage.

I started off with Waffles just to the right of me, and we did a little jousting early on in a blind vs blind confrontation which he was able to win. I did take some chips off Ingoal when I flopped a set, but he was able to avoid giving me the rest of his stack. Waffles was moved, and eventually I was transported to an extremely eostrogen charged table. Kat, Jules, SoxLover's Wife, and Gracie were all there.

I managed to drop the hammer from (I think) the small blind; Jules made a standard raise from EP, everyone folded around and I pushed all-in. Jules had me covered, but if she called and lost she would have been crippled. After thinking for some time, she folded. I showed the hammer, upon which Jules proclaimed I probably would have sucked out on her. Too true.

In other action, Gary managed to cripple Gracie before busting her for good. I was attacking Kat's blinds continually; I kept showing the nice hands I was doing it with, but I think Kat didn't really care what my cards were. This proved to be my undoing as I made a loose steal attempt with Q-7 of hearts. Kat's cold call should have given me pause, but I decided to push all-in when the flop came all low cards with two spades. Kat called me with relish, showing me K-x of spades, and the third spade on the turn did the trick. I thought I was busted, but I had a micro-stack left. The next hand I had K-Q, and called a min-raise all-in (told you I was micro-stacked). No joy for me, and I get to retire to bed.

Of course I still didn't sleep very well (yay!), though on the bright side my pager's battery died - this was great as work had some intermittent problems that I couldn't do anything about, but which would have had the pager waking me up hourly. Small victories.


  • Babes, of course I forgave you...preceisely one nano-second after I took 9/10 of your chips on last night during the waffles Birthday fest.

    I do so love payback *wicked grin.

    By Blogger katitude, at 3:26 PM  

  • Coolio - works for me!

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 3:28 PM  

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