Friday, March 17, 2006

The Marchness is Maddening

I haven't looked at the official list for a while, but I'm sure there is a footnote to Murphy's Law which includes the following:

"During the week of the NCAA Tournament, Monday through Wednesday will be so quiet you will sleepwalk through the days. On Thursday morning all hell will break loose at work causing you to focus and panic about non-basketball events."

I managed to escape to a bar yesterday to watch some games while eating a (very late) lunch. This turned out to be great timing, as I was able to watch the end of regulation and both overtimes in the BC/Pacific game. I had actually picked Pacific for the insane upset, and they almost did me proud while simulataneously destroying brackets across the land. A great game. I also hit the bar last night and marvelled at GW/NC-Wilmington while people were going berserk around me (the bar is a GW bar, just off campus).

Between St. Patrick's day, the tournament, and footy training (tomorrow morning at 10am! urgh) I'm not sure how much Poker I can squeeze in. I still plan on playing in the blogger tournament on Sunday night on Paradise (see Iggy's blog for detail).

Last poker I played was on Wednesday night, $50 NL on Paradise. I was slowly accumulating chips on a crazy table, and was putting off going to bed as these two donkeys were generating heaps of action. They both left in quick succession, so I said to myself "OK, time to go to bed." I was just in front of the blinds, and so decided to play one more orbit. This proved to be a $50 mistake. And not because I got unlucky... the luck should have cost me some money, but not $50. The balance was made up by my retarded play. Yay me!


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