Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sober Garth Hates Drunkie Garth

As predicted, the encroachment of March Madness has pushed poker a little to the side. Thursday night I went out to a bar to drink and enjoy the games, before making my way home to railbird at some of the Heads Up Challenge confrontations, and play a wee bit. Friday night was a large one, as I didn't stop drinking (heavily), watching basketball (loudly) and playing pool (badly) until the bar closed. Normally this would be fine, except that I had agreed to join a friend's fantasy baseball league earlier in the week. "So what?" I hear you say. Turns out that the live draft was to begin at 9 on Saturday. 9 am. Which meant I had to take the Metro to meet my friend at 8:20am or so. Fuck. Naturally this did not affect the (bad) decisions I made throughout Friday night. As I always say in these situations "That's a problem for Sober Garth." Sober Garth hates Drunkie Garth.

Saturday morning went as follows: wake up, have a red bull, have a shower, have a red bull, get dressed, have a red bull, throw the redbull cans away, have a red bull. Waking up early on Saturday morning after a large Friday night isn't that unusual for me (and I'm usually off to play high impact sport), but this was just too early.

By the time I got home, crashed for a few hours, and logged on to the laptop it was getting scarily near to 48 hours since I had last played poker. True story. As is my wont recently, I joined a retardo-sized $3 rebuy tournament and managed to dodge over 2000 people to finish in 191st out of 2327. Always satisfying. I also played a couple of the new $50 90 person SnGs. Haven't had any joy yet, but I think I like these tournaments... similar-ish play to the 180 SnGs (though it seems slightly better for the most part there are still some complete lemurs) and the payout structure is flatter than the 180s.

Sunday I played in the Stars Deep Stacks and Full Tilt Double Stacks tournament, and managed to thoroughly depress myself by playing well and then busting out of both tournaments in identical fashion. Might have a leak there, champ. After that effort I took a break and watched some highly enjoyable basketball as local kids GMU dumped UConn. That inspired me enough to get off the couch, head to the local bar, and knock back some beers while watching the late games with some friends who also showed up.

Beers + friends + basketball ensured I missed the start of the Blogger tournament on Sunday night, but it was worth it. I still played a turno 45 SnG when I got home, followed by a little low-limit short-handed NL, so that's something. Last night I just wasn't in the mood, though I still ended up watching High Stakes Poker on GSN. Tonight is footy training, so I'm not sure if I'll hit the felt. Tomorrow night I've been invited to a friend's end-of-month poker night at his office. From what I understand it's a low-limit NL cash game, but I'm looking forward to a little live game action. I'll let you know how it goes.


  • But how do you feel about Jennie Garth?

    By Blogger Donkeypuncher, at 4:59 PM  

  • I'm down with Jennie Garth - I always thought she was hot on 90210. But there would always be tension... I mean, we couldn't get married - what if she made me take her surname?!

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 5:04 PM  

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