Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Sports Guy in the WSOP?!

I just read The Sports Guy's latest column on ESPN. In it he basically states that he is playing in the WSOP. No mention is made if he is planning to play in the Big One or one of the smaller events, nor is it made clear if he or ESPN is shelling out. I'm going to assume that ESPN is paying; after the debacle last year that was "Jackpot Jay" they need to go with someone they know will come through - there is no way they weren't sending someone to cover it, and Simmons might actually not be a complete fish.

Actually, I hadn't heard anything about Jackpot Jay's book that he was allegedly writing about his year playing poker (un)professionally (#1,234,342 since the original and the best, Big Deal, by Anthony Holden), so I searched for it on Amazon. It is actually meant to be released July this year. Looking at the title (Only the Good Die Broke : How I Lost My Money and My Mind but Found Salvation on the Professional Poker Tour) it seems that Jay has taken about the only tack he could with the book, i.e. "here is a bunch of stories I relate as I go about losing money for a year". No one wants to read about someone losing a bunch of money, so I'm interested to see how it goes. If he had been wildly successful this thing would fly off the shelves, after all if James McManus hadn't made it to the final table in the WSOP, Positively 5th Street would never have seen the light of day.

Now the big question is... is The Sports Guy planning on putting out another book based on this? He's wildly popular in a demographic that is cuckoo for poker (I'd probably buy it)... Maybe I'm reading too much into this. But then again, maybe I'm not.


As an aside, since I have been talking about books a lot recently, how hard/useful is it to get an Amazon affiliate link? Not that I would necessarily run out and get one, I was just wondering.


UPDATE: OK, I bashed Jay Lovinger a bit there, but after re-reading his final column it seems he finished down $1000 for the year. Not a princely sum by any means. Even so, it was more of a reaction to a lot of my recollections of his play. In the spirit of Journalistic Integrity (of which I have none) I thought I'd just clarify that.


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