Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wading Through the Donkeys

I mentioned in a previous post the strange attraction I have to the 10+1 retardo-sized tournaments on Stars. The one I played on Saturday night attracted over 1500 people. Last night Trauma convinced me to join the same one, starting at 7:45. How many people signed up? 1751.

I actually received a lot of good cards in the first hour, but here's the thing - it can be really really hard to make donkeys lay down a hand. I must have received A-K or A-Q five times before the first break, did not hit a single flop, and was able to take the pot down once. I also had a hand where there were four limpers ahead of me. I look down and see K-K, so toss in a 6XBB raise. EVERYONE, including the big blind, called. Flop comes down with three diamonds (I have a diamond), and the big blind bets out just over half the (now quite large) pot. All of a sudden I have a decision to make, and I have no idea what he is holding. Two diamonds? Small pair that flopped a set? The Ace of diamonds? Cursing all the while I laid my hand down.

After the effort with the K-K I received A-Q, and took the pot when I made a tilty all-in raise when someone made a min-raise bet into me on the flop. This set up the hand that got me on my way - I have K-K in EP (I told you I was catching cards), and raise to 4xBB... I'm not mucking around any more. One caller in LP. Flop comes A-x-x with two spades. Now I am really steaming. I force myself to make a continuation bet, which is cold-called. As I am gnashing my teeth the beautiful King of hearts appears on the turn. I check, the LP bets out about 1/5 of the pot, and I push all-in. The LP promptly calls all-in showing... Q-10 offsuit?! Yes, he called me all-in with nothing but a gutshot draw.

I am happy to report the gutshot draw did not hit.

I proceeded to play somewhat normal poker after that, never really going on a rush, and having to play some aggressive short-stack poker to keep my head above water. I managed to make the money, and up a level before I ran into a big stack's A-K and was vaporised in 117th.

So what's the attraction? The amazingly soft field? The opportunity to witness some exquisitely poor play (Weak Player calls it the Special Olympics of poker)? I have to admit to getting some satisfaction in high-stepping through such a humongous field, and if I do manage to have a rush at the right time it could really pay off. Hell, maybe it's just fun.


  • No, no, the Special Olympics of poker would be the $3 and $1 events. The $10 tourney is just a qualifier.

    By Blogger Matt Silverthorn, at 11:00 AM  

  • Although the variance will inevitably be off the charts for huge MTTs like that, they are the best value.

    By Blogger DP, at 11:31 PM  

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