Friday, April 07, 2006

Aussie Bands and Drunken LHE With Waffles

When I am home on a Friday night, and in a pokering mood, I like to play some crazy stuff. Last Friday night was a gorgeous one in D.C., and I decided to try and set myself up outside at least for a little while. Despite some intermittent pain with my network connection, it was awesome: beer by my side, music playing on my laptop, people wandering past and saying Hi... all while I play against donkeys. Nice.

As the night wore on, and drunkeness set in, I finally found myself out of the various donkfest tournaments I had entered. Idly searching through Stars I located Waffles on a 2/4 LHE table. As I regard my LHE play as weak, and since I haven't played it in forever, and never that high online (I once played it that high in Vegas two years ago when I had the poker skill of a turnip, now I have the skill of a rutabaga)... well, it was a natural fit for me to sit down.

Surprisingly I did OK, as Waffles and I did some damage. I managed to drop the hammer twice in quick succession, which is a reasonable achievement on a 2/4 table. The hand after I dropped the second hammer I looked down to find K-K. "Cha-ching!" I thought, hoping to get it paid off large after managing to put the table on tilt. I raised it like a beast, and had several people along for the ride. It was heads up by the time we got to the river... and the lemur I was playing against hit a gutshot straight. Pain! But I still was up, and I was drunk and happy.

After that table we played at a 2/4 speed table... which was nuts. Loose and crazy, and I managed to dump my (small) buy-in as people hit all kinds of crazy hands. Nonetheless I felt I was holding my own.

I've tentatively started playing a little more LHE, to see how I go, and exercise some of the under-utilised limit muscles I possess. It's quite amusing, as I'll sit there and get A-J in middle position and freeze... what am I meant to do here again?! Re-education, or in my case probably straight out "education", is in order. I also think I am going to stay clear of the speed tables, the style on those tables (a little looser, and call-y) doesn't fit my style that well. Either that or I just have to tighten up more, but still I think I'll avoid the higher variance for the moment.

Not sure where I'm really going with the experiment, but we'll see what happens.

I also realise I am way behind on making up my complement of 15 45-person SnGs in the challenge (much in the same way I haven't started doing my taxes yet... Hi IRS!). I hope to clock up a few this weekend to try and beat the April 15 deadline. Again, ditto for my taxes.


Last night I attended a "John Butler Trio" concert. For those of you who don't know (which is going to be everyone), they are a "jam" band from Australia, originally from my hometown (info here). They have a reputation of being a great band live (turning 4 minute songs into 16 minute jaw-droppers), and after last night I heartily agree. They were just fantastic, the crowd was great, just a good time all round. If anyone is in a city which they are touring, I really recommend you go if you are into that sort of thing. I was going to mention it to the Good Doctor as they are going to New York in a couple of days, but of course he is in Vegas. I turned up wearing my Aussie cricket jersey, which identified me to a few other Aussies in attendance. I made sure I put away a few beers, and got nice and loud... which also identified me to some more Aussies. Good times. It all gave me the slightest pang of home-sickness, which is something I don't get too often, cold bitch that I am. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded.


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