Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Token Post

Yes! It's the Friday Token Post! A tiny snippet I throw on the blog when I have been busy, and will continue to be so! Now with more exclamation marks!

I've only played a little poker the last couple of days: I finished 13th in the biggest Mookie tournament to date (recap here), which was good fun as always. I also played in a 180 SnG on Stars with Weak. I finished out of the money, though the real person to watch was Hoyazo - he had unwittingly joined the same tournament. He chipped up nicely and was looking in good shape as the bubble approached... before tilting and finishing in 19th. Yes, only 18 pay. Ouch.

I also played some late late night LHE with Waffles after I got home from having a few drinks. A short session at which I broke even... can't complain at all.

I'm off to North Carolina for the weekend to play footy, and will be returning to DC on Sunday to pass out. If I spend much time fully conscious, I'll probably throw a few chips around. Might see you then.


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