Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Garthmeister J. and the Poker World Cup

After reading Otis' post about the event, I thought I'd have a tilt at joining one of the Poker Heads Up World Cup teams. Reading through the rules etc. I couldn't work out how I would apply to be part of the Australian team, which left me with no option but to try out for the D.C. team. I figured that if I made the D.C. team, and then the D.C. team made it to Barcelona, and then we won the whole thing... well, at the trophy presentation I could rip off my US shirt, reveal my Australian One Day International cricket jersey, hit my team-mates with a steel chair shot, and make off with the trophy.

To have this plan come to fruition I of course had to work my way through one of the qualifiers. The first qualifier had been run at 2pm, so that was a no go. But the 8pm qualifier beckoned. For the princely sum of 50 FPP I could try and represent my adopted territory, despite it having no member of Congress.

Some of the State fields were pretty large. Massachusetts had something like 60-odd people in it. Lord knows how many California or New York got. D.C. had 7 people register. Delaware (State Motto: We know you are driving somewhere else) had more people registered.

My 1 in 7 chance of getting a first round bye failed. Instead I had to play a freshman attending Georgetown University. Apparently he built up his bankroll initially in Heads Up play, which was a bit worrying. We went back and forth intially, but I managed to get slightly ahead. I managed to get him all-in with my 10-10 vs his A-2. Whups, there's an Ace. That gave him a 2:1 chip advantage, but I managed to fight back, leading him to say:

"This isn't going how I planned."

I finally, finally put him away and looked forward to my next challenge. I was in the Final Four.

My next opponenet was a complete douchebag who instantly rubbed me the wrong way. I apologised for taking so long (my first round match was the longest, natch), explaining that my opponent managed to hit an Ace to survive and I had to fight back. This guy informed that this wasn't going to happen in this round. I asked if that was trash talk, and if it was I was going to cry. Douchebag.

The douchebag crept out to an early lead, but by the first break it was pretty even, which lead to this exchange:
MadHatters99: go all in but one chip then fold ok
MadHatters99: i'll send you 2 real dollars
Garthmeister: WTF?
Garthmeister: 2 real dollars? American?
MadHatters99: yep!
Garthmeister: Whooooooooooooo.
Garthmeister: A tempting offer.
MadHatters99: this was free to enter
MadHatters99: and there is always tomorrow
*sigh* After battling some more, we got all the chips in. I had K-K, he had A-J s00ted. And there was that pesky Ace on the board again. I managed to fight back (again), much to my opponents dismay, but this time I wasn't able to complete the comeback as DC lost it's chance at having a fine representative. If I do say so myself.

While I was tussling with the douchebag the WWDN tournament started up. I was clearly concentrating on the heads up event, but managed to chip up nicely by the time I could fully focus. I was shortstacked approaching the bubble, and with J-Q s00ted attempted to steal the blinds and antes against someone I just covered. They had A-K (I seem to recall), but I managed to river a straight to storm into the final table. At the final table I had my dreams shattered when Hoyazo and I got into a blind stealing war. I had K-Q s00ted, and wasn't going to fold to Hoyazo's re-raise all-in. He had A-2, there was no help for me, and I was crippled. I finally was put away in 6th position. Not a bad result really.

On the back of my play in the WPBT satellite on Monday night, and this effort in the WWDN, I'm pretty pleased. Hell, even my Heads Up play didn't suck too hard. Nice!


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