Friday, April 14, 2006

Garthmeister J. Esq., Master Procrastinator

Ever experienced that feeling where you thought you had extra days to pay a bill, or get an assignment finished, only to find that you got the deadline incorrect... and it's due NOW? I ran into that yesterday with the 45 SnG Challenge (also, my electricity bill). Sure I had been tardy in completing the things, but hey, as a Master Procrastinator you expect this to happen. I had only completed 8 of my 15 SnGs, but as of last night I figured I had two days more to go, one of them a Saturday. I was not worried.

Make that not being worried right up until Jordan informed me that the last day was April 13th, actually, not the 15th as I assumed. Whups. So I immediately unregistered from the 180 SnG I had signed up for and got cracking with multiple SnGs, trying to finish them all before the midnight deadline. And then I entered Veneno's 9pm HUC Lounge event. And got talked into entering a 10+1 Rebuy event.

As I have mentioned I haven't exactly had my A game happening recently. In fact, calling it my Z game might be being kind. So was I out of mind doing this (easy answer: yes). However, I knew that playing multiple tables at once would tighten me up, which it did. So far so good. Now I just had to stop making ridiculous plays, and I seemed to have a handle on that. Unfortunately once I had sorted out some of my stupid play I had a succession of having my pocket Queens and Kings cracked. Funny how that happens... you begin eliminating those elements of your game contributing to your bad run and then variance appears to ensure you stay down.

Let me make this clear: I much prefer losing due to the fall of the cards than due to bad play. But on balance I sure as hell prefer winning.

In short, my SnGs were not going well. I persevered, being the stubborn, bloody-minded person I am. In my lucky 13th SnG I was dealt A-A first hand. My mood being what it was, I pushed from MP, hoping for a caller. No dice. Second hand I received A-K. A couple of limpers ahead of me, I raise it up to 5xBB, I get two callers. Flop is As-x-7s. Checked to me, and I push. And get called by A-8o. And I am on my way, cruising along, picking up pots here and there.

I am by far the biggest stack at the table, with about 4.6k and in the BB when a bunch of people limp in. I look down and see Q-Q. Having already been brutalised with this hand I decide to raise it up large, to 800 (I believe the Blinds were at 50/100). 2k stack UTG thinks.... and pushes all-in. Everyone runs away, and I am left with a decision. If UTG has A-A or K-K, well, I just have to break something inexpensive. The problem is I am scared of any two cards she could have, that's how well I was running. But I suck it up, and call. UTG has 4-4. I then announce this into the voice conference I was in:

"If I lose this hand I am not sure what I am going to do."

OK, so I'm going to owe all of you a dollar. River card was a 4.

Despite this setback I still had a decent chip stack, and got back to work. People were busting, and busting... and I found myself on the final table. By this stage all my other SnGs were done, this was my last effort, and I was not going to make the top 3 in the Challenge; nonetheless I wanted to have a good final showing. I didn't have a big stack, but I dodged and weaved as I could. I got dealt A-A twice in a row when it was 6 handed, and only got the blinds and antes both times (once when it was folded around to my BB). But then a strange thing happened.

My 3-3 stood up against over cards. Then my 4-4 stood up against over cards. My 5-5 all-in was called by three people, including a big stack who raised after the turn, making me ill... but he was on a gutshot(!). Presto stood up.

All of a sudden I was second in chips with 5 people left. Then there were four left, then three. Finally I was heads-up against... the person who had cracked my Q-Q with her fours.

I extracted my revenge, and it was sweet.

Does this mean I am over the hump, have turned the corner, have stopped sucking the big fat one? Maybe not. I am hoping I have sorted out my bad case of Retarded Play Syndrome[tm], and it would be nice for Miss Variance to take a ride on the Garth Train. All aboard!


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