Saturday, April 15, 2006

How To Go On Work Mega Tilt

1. Have to work on Saturday.

2. You are not comped for working on Saturday.

3. You have to start at 9am. At least you can do the first bit at home and then go into work for the rest.

4. Leave work to go home at 3:15pm as co-workers have to do something before you can finish up. You can do that from your apartment.

5. At 5pm the co-workers are finished. This gives you plenty of time before the maintenance window closes at 6pm.

6. Discover that your remote connection from home isn't working, despite it working that morning.

7. Call your co-worker, who might be able to do the work. He is nowhere near his home.

8. Call your boss (who is not capable of doing the work, but they should be told about the problem), who is meant to be reachable during the maintenance window. Of course, they are not. Home phone and cell phone are not answered.

9. Recall that your boss summarily decided to take Friday and Monday off with no warning. Get even more annoyed.

10. Recall that your boss works from home Tuesdays and Thursdays. Get really annoyed.

11. Call a cab (which if history is any guide you will not get reimbursed for) and race into work.

12. Finish the required work in 15 minutes, finishing at 6:30pm, a half hour past the scheduled change window time.

13. Leave work to go home, which will probably take about an hour or so.

Not happy, Jan.


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