Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Morning Pit Boss

I actually managed to squeeze in some poker after arriving back in DC after my North Carolina Aussie Rules Odyssey... but since I'm lazy I'm going to describe it all with a series of number-related factoids.

Number of times I slipped in the mud pit we were playing on: 23,451
Number of goals I kicked: 0
Number of extremely talented Australians temporarily playing for North Carolina: 2
Number of points we were beaten by: a lot
Number of times I rode a mechanical bull: 2
Number of times I rode a mechanical bull because a girl asked me to: 1
Number of Country & Western songs I heard: uncertain (I think I blacked out at one point)
Number of times I had to share a bed with a guy: 0 (a new football trip record!)
Number of times I shared a bed with anyone: 0 (boooooooooooooo!)
Number of road rules broken: too many to count
Number of hours spent on the road: 13 (approx.)
Number of beers consumed: just pick a really big number

Despite the result of the game, it was an enjoyable trip. I hadn't spent any time in North Carolina before, and I really had a good time. Southern accents rule.


A couple of quick shout outs to SoxLover and Jules. Sox managed to finish 2nd in a 180 SnG on Stars yesterday, continuing the hot streak that bloggers are having in these lately. Jules also kicked ass in live poker competition, finishing in 5th in the Pot Limit Tag Team Tourney during the Melbourne poker championships.


I only played a couple of SnGs last night when I got home. Took down 4th in a 20+2 2 table SnG on Stars, and bubbled in a 5+1 I played later. Hey, I still booked a profit, right?


If you want to melt your brain, go check out Sir Waffle's "100 things". You have been warned.


I was alerted yesterday by Flux of my amusing rating on Shark Scope, a web site that allows you to search results for particular players on PokerStars and the onGame and Cryptologic networks. If you want to see my stats, search for "garthmeister" on PokerStars, then have a good laugh.

I did notice the site was down when I went to check while writing this blog entry. I can only assume the ridiculousness of my entry crashed the site.


Just in case you weren't aware, tonight is the latest DADI tournament, with a $1500 WSOP entry fee being awared for every 54 entries, plus a bunch of other prizes. All the details are here. I plan on attending, and hope to see you there.


  • thanks doc. see you there...

    By Blogger TripJax, at 3:20 PM  

  • Hey Garth, I could not agree more about how amusing the sharkscope ratings are. Nothing makes me happier than thinking one of my opponents at some point will look me up and start playing me based on what sharkscope says about me. What a silly system. Lord knows they certainly don't even capture every sng that you've entered, nor do they present a complete picture of someone's poker play because they only seem to claim to capture sngs and not other tournaments (MTTs, satellites, etc.).

    In any event, see you at the DADI tonight bro.

    By Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo, at 3:43 PM  

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