Sunday, April 16, 2006


I now officially have to shut up about my recent run of results.

It also appears that my recent statements that I should play more 180 SnGs have been reinforced. If you look at my table of 180 SnG results on the right sidebar, it looks pretty clear. They appear to be my sweet spot.

Don't get me wrong, I had to get lucky to get there. With 19 left, right on the bubble, I was in the SB with an M of less than 1. That's right, I did not have enough chips to last one orbit. A guy in EP raised, I called, and we went to the flop. He had A-8o, I had Q-6 s00ted. Flop? Q-7-7. Turn? Q. Three hands later I went all in with A-Ko. I was called in two places. Flop? A-3-A.

And I was on my way.

I was never a large stack until late. Even when it was 4 handed I was a short stack. I only got myself a stack when it was three handed. The big stack did me the favour of busting out the other stack, and I got heads up with a 2:1 chip disadvantage.

I can say honestly that I have never played as well heads up. The other guy did not have a chance, his over-aggressive call station behaviour played right into my hands. I got paid off on the maximum with every big hand I had. I flopped a straight with 5-8o and got him to pay me off. I doubled up when I flopped a flush with K-6 s00ted and he couldn't fold his A-K on the river when he hadn't hit anything. I had one piece of luck when I already had a massive chip lead - we got it all in on a K high flop when I held K-7 and he held K-8; the resulting chop was really it luckwise for me. Heads up lasted 34 hands, and he only won one large pot.

Lastly a big thanks to my railbirding crew: Weak, SoxLover, Amy, Mia, and Canadian Double Trouble (also known as Jules and Kat). The support was much appreciated.


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