Friday, April 28, 2006

Something Abusive About QQ

Last night I "accidentally" ended up going out for a few beers with a couple of friends of mine. Just a quick one, right? So, I rolled back into my house about 10pm, natch. This, of course, is an optimal state of mind to be in to play poker.

I recently reloaded on Full Tilt to take advantage of their 50% reload bonus. I may end up playing a few tournaments (including their "race for bracelets" tourneys), but my main objective is to exercise my NL cash game. I don't believe my cash game is anywhere near as strong as my tournament game, and it is something I'd like to work on.

So, last night I jumped onto the NL tables to begin my assault. And assault it was. In my short session I managed to run QQ into AA twice; one was against a short stack where I made the right play, he just had a bigger hand, no biggie. The second time I ran Qs into slowplayed Aces, with a Jc-10c-x board. For those of you with long memories this is extremely similar to the situation where I got stacked in AC. Pre-flop I raised it up to 3xBB from EP, and got two callers. Flop is as described above, I raise the pot, get called by the first pre-flop caller, and then re-raised slightly over the size of the pot by the second pre-flop caller. In retrospect think I can probably fold here - I am only ahead of hands like AJ or A10, and it really looks like he is protecting a set, or an overpair. Naturally I push, first caller folds, and then the re-raiser takes a long time to think, before calling. AA is goot. Whups!

Anyway, here is my new and improved plan to rehabilitate my NL cash game:

1) Get PokerAcesHUD (finally)
2) Play $50 NL on Full Tilt
3) Only play one table at a time
4) Try not to suck

Other suggestions will be taken on board.

I won't be playing NL cash games exclusively by any stretch, I just want to mix some into my normal tournament schedule (not to mention my short term goal of improving my non-existent stud game for Sunday's WPBT-POY tourney). I may also lean on some of my more seasoned cash game colleagues for a little coaching. The only way is up, baby!


After my NL shellacking last night I joined the "WWdN: Not" with 17 other people - apparently a major attendance increase from last week. Besides the usual suspects we had Joe Speaker and Wil Wheaton show up. I had a good time chatting and picking up pots early as we slowly eased people out of the running. I ended up going deep, but I couldn't crack the cash as I ended up going out as the Bubble Boy. *sigh* I hate it when that happens, but there were just too many outs to dodge.


Not sure how much poker I'll be playing this weekend. I have rough plans to have drinks with a friend tonight; my footy club is having a "Girl's Night Out", so all the girlfriends and partners can hit the town and complain about their Significan Other's... the friend in question has been saddled with babysitting, so being the Good Samaritan I am I may end up keeping him company.

Tomorrow I have to work all day, starting at 9am and going until 7pm or later, probably. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! Other than that I am (currently) free, so you should be able to find me on the tables somewhere. If you dare.


  • I don't know what the cash games are like at Full Tilt, but you would be doing yourself a huge disservice if you did not eventually put some money aside for cash games at Party. They are loose, and I mean LOOSE. You've already read about how I've run up a nice roll over there. Apparently Wes has been doing very nicely as well. You should definitely give that a shot sometime.

    By Blogger Matt Silverthorn, at 3:11 PM  

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