Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo... wait, I'm already hungover.

Yesterday was a little out of the ordinary for a Thursday, as I was able to duck out of work early and go with some others from my footy team to meet the Australian Ambassador at the Australian Embassy. The Embassy is within crawling distance of my house, which can be handy when I attend functions where they serve VB. An Australian friend of mine knows one of the Ambassador's relatives, and had dinner at his residence last year. Apparently the booze was flowing, and after knocking back more than a few His Excellency made a prank phone call to my friend's girlfriend. He followed this up by making a prank phone call to Australia's representative to the UN. The Ambassador is a Top Aussie. (Follow that link if you want as much Aussie as you can handle - I've actually met David Boon, and yes, he was drunk).

The meeting with the Ambassador was fine - no prank phone calls, just shooting the shit and talking sport. Unfortunately there was no VB, but you can't have everything. The meeting finished at about 5pm or thereabouts, so our only option was to go and have a few drinks. A few drinks turned into a few more drinks, which turned into a few shots, which turned into repeated dial-a-shots and text-a-shots with Big Mike and Al, which turned into a very hungover Garthmeister J. this morning. I don't normally suffer bad hangovers, but this is a beauty. I tried to nap in the park at lunchtime, but I didn't really fall completely asleep. It's at times like this I miss living walking distance from work - lunchtime naps rule.

I am meant to be going up to Baltimore tonight to a friend's Cinco de Mayo party, so I am hoping to get a little sleep at home before heading up. The plan is to stay up there tonight, and then drive down waytooearly tomorrow morning to play footy. Urgh. Of course this all means the odds of me playing poker tonight are remote. Egad, two days without poker! I'll just have to make up for it on Saturday and Sunday.


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