Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mommas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Dealt Cowboys

If you play enough poker, you're going to see some pretty unlikely (and possibly heart-rending) things. 32o cracking Aces, perfect runner runners to lay a bad beat on someone. As part of working off my Party Poker bonus I have put in a bit of work on the cash tables, and during the last two nights I have witnessed KK being run into AA 6 or 7 times. For large amounts. Four times in those two nights it was poor Weak_Player taking it on the chin, which is just obscene. I benefitted from one of those situations last night, when some guy pushed his entire stack into my Aces. Easy call there, and I made a large chunk of cash while I was ordering pizza.

I was just speaking to Weak_Player this morning, and apparently to start his day he took down someone's KK with his QQ. There was action pre-flop, though not all the money went in until the flop came down Q high. Ow.

Weak has therefore declared Cowboys the new Hiltons. And frankly, I'm inclined to agree. Consider yourselves warned!


  • You should all be proud that I did not make a single "Brokeback Mountain" joke.

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 9:59 AM  

  • I wish I could quit those cowboys. There, I did it. Got ass fucked by them repeatedly. The important part for me is that I am way ahead over the last few days in Party 100nl even after my brokeback pots.

    By Blogger Weak Player, at 10:04 AM  

  • Brokeback pots...funny.

    Are you playing tonight Garth ? If so consider this your weekly reminder to sign up early :)

    By Blogger mookie99, at 2:16 PM  

  • Darling...I've had my cowboys cracked when, all in pre flop against 8-3 off (!), the guy caught a four card straight. I fear cowboys almost as much as I feel Jacks.

    Brokeback last week :)

    By Blogger Jules, at 4:33 PM  

  • Love the title of the

    By Blogger TripJax, at 6:06 PM  

  • That seems to happen a lot on Party Poker.

    By Blogger DP, at 7:55 AM  

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