Monday, May 22, 2006

Never Let Me Down Again

Ah, Monday mornings, when I sit in my cube with heavy-lidded eyes and a head full of cotton wool. Not heaps of poker content, but I'll serve up what I have to offer.

Friday night, as I kinda-sorta-predicted, ended up being poker-free. I did get to catch up with my mate who had been out of town for three weeks or so. This ended up being a pretty massive one... resulting in my playing Aussie Rules Saturday morning after having no sleep whatsoever. Please do not try this at home, I am a trained professional.

For some reason once I arrived home I was pretty tired, and so proceeded to crash for a few hours. Saturday night I was feeling pretty ordinary, but decided I would break out the laptop and play something low limit. Stars has recently started offering the $4 + 0.40 180 SnG tournaments 24/7, so I decided to try one of those. I figured that even in my damaged state I should be able to do OK and be able to sling a few chips around.

OK, you probably all know this is coming, but "Aiiyah!". I have had 41 attempts at the $20 + 2 180 SnGs, and the least number of people left after the first hour has been 69. In my first shot at the $4 variety there were 68 people left when we got to the first break.

I didn't do anything fancy, played my hands accordingly and stole any pots that looked like they needed an owner. Without receiving any cards better than a pair of 10s I made the money. By this stage I was getting pretty short-stacked, and I was well into the red zone. With an M of about 3, and the blinds two hands away I decided to push with Q7o to just try and steal the blinds and ante, or maybe get lucky if someone called me. I ended up getting called by a mid-sized stack, thig guy called heathbar43, who had been getting into a lot of pots. He shows 99, but I managed to spike a Q on the turn. This was about the point where heathbar43 decided to start deriding my play. I didn't really bother arguing too much with the guy... after all, it's a $4 tournament, and I don't really want to explain to the guy my reasoning just in case he at least recognises that there was a method behind the madness. (Yes, Q7o is not a great hand at all. No argument there.)

After he made a couple of lame remarks, which Weak and I were giggling about, Weak wondered aloud what heathbar43's sharkscope numbers were. So I looked them up. This allowed me to start questioning him about his $580 loss after playing almost 400 SnGs. Funnily enough, this did not go down well. It was with great joy that I saw him go out in 10th, as the rest of us were whisked to the final table.

Unfortunately I was next to go out, as my own pair of 9s were cracked when I pushed from LP, and the BB called me down with AJo. heathbar43 jumped into the chat to give me a serve, which I had a bit of a laugh at. The best part? While researching this post, I looked up heathbar43's stats again... since Saturday night he has played another 6 SnGs and lost about another $60. What a persistent little donator!

I managed to get a reasonable amount of shut-eye Saturday night, but still woke up feeling a little worse for wear. For those of you that don't know, Sunday morning features one of my favourite little tournaments, the Stars satellite for their big Sunday guaranteed tournament. Depending on the week the satellite is either $36+3 and 1 in 6 gets the $200 + 15 entry, or it is $50 + 3 and 1 in 10 gets $500 + 30. I might be slightly off with the amounts, but close enough. I like playing these tournaments because it is a nice payout with a decent percentage paid (especially the 1 in 6), plus I think there are enough people who don't know how to play these properly to give me extra equity.

Weak and I jumped in, and within 15 minutes of playing the satellite I had managed to obtain better cards than I had for the duration of Saturday night's 180. Again I played fairly standard poker, and was able to get a little stack early, though I did have to bid adieu to Weak who got his AK in against QQ and didn't hit. The tricky part with these satellites is discerning when it is a) time to take the foot off the pedal, playing only premium hands, and b) when to start stalling and auto-folding to make the money. Weak and I are working on some rules of thumb to help us out.

The previous time I had played the satellite I managed to time it nicely, auto-folding easily into the money. This time it was a little closer... by the time there were only a few people left to be eliminated my stack was on life support. With one more person to go, I watched on one table as the big stack pushed all in with a horrible hand (9-2o) to protect the small stack who was all-in in the BB with 9-4o. With 3 hands until I was all-in in the BB I was dealt AK s00ted... and folded it. Finally, when I was UTG, the last person was eliminated. Technically I finished 81st of 85, with 830 chips or so... when there were 1000/2000 blinds with 75 (I think) antes. Nice!

This gave me plenty of time to do things like eat, and do laundry, and nap, before going out to see Depeche Mode in concert. They were great, the only real shortcoming being that they didn't use these big sidescreens that were available at the venue they performed at. Nonetheless, good stuff. I really wish I had the day off from work today...


  • I looked up my numbers and show a
    -$1 loss in 159 SnGs!


    By Blogger Drizztdj, at 4:22 PM  

  • I thought the blog title might be a DM reference!

    By Blogger Donkeypuncher, at 10:27 PM  

  • I love looking up people on sharkscope when they are assholes! It seems like they are almost always in the negative too :)

    By Blogger CarmenSinCity, at 9:27 AM  

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