Thursday, May 25, 2006

Only When I Lose Myself

I have a confession to make: I am extremely absent-minded. Despite being outwardly competent in some (2) areas, remembering little details is not my strong-suit. I have left numerous toothbrushes in hotel rooms, abandoned piles of reading material in planes and waiting rooms, forgotten untold numbers of pens in conference rooms. Once I managed to lose my keys in my own apartment for three days. Really.

Wednesday nights I have footy training, which we actually hold on the National Mall. It's quite surreal to be playing such an Australian game while flanked by the Smithsonian, one end featuring the Captiol building, the other the Washington Monument. It's a good excuse to run around a bit, followed by a beer or three. Beers usually wind up around 9:30'ish, which means it can be touch and go for me to make it back to my apartment by 10pm.

For all these reasons it has been necessary for Mookie to remind me to sign up in advance for his weekly tournament (cunningly called "The Mookie"). So far it has worked out fine, though the system breaks down when Mookie forgets to remind me not to forget. Here is a brief rundown of what happened last night.

4:30pm I remember about "The Mookie", and recall that I did not sign up in advance. Curse.

4:31pm Forget about "The Mookie".

*repeat previous two steps periodically*

6:00pm Start footy training

8:00pm Finish footy training and head to the pub.

8:15pm Receive first beer.

8:40pm Receive second beer.

8:45pm Nachos make an appearance.

9:00pm Receive third beer. Remember that I want to try and get home in time to register for "The Mookie". Curse.

9:30pm Despite protestations that I have to leave momentarily, receive 4th beer.

9:35pm Finish 4th beer, and head for the Metro.

9:37pm Consider the merits of grabbing a taxi.

9:38pm Start looking for a taxi while moving in general direction of Metro station.

9:39pm Waste time attempting to flag down a taxi that has someone in it already. Curse.

9:42pm Say "Screw it!" and run to the Metro station.

9:45pm Get lucky and have a Metro arrive straight away. Start calculating how much time I will have left to register.

9:48pm Realise that I have to account for the amount of time it takes for the laptop to boot up. Curse.

9:49pm Realise I need to go to the bathroom. Badly.

9:54pm Metro arrives at Dupont Circle. Leave the train and commence running up the escalator leading to street level.

9:55pm Remeber that this is an insanely long escalator. Legs start aching.

9:56pm Hit the street and sprint for my apartment.

9:58pm Burst through my front door, punch the power button on my laptop, run for the bathroom.

10:00pm Race back to the laptop and log into PokerStars.

10:01pm Can't find the tournament! Search for Waffles, find him and "The Mookie". Realise the tournament registration has closed. Curse.

10:02pm Realise the registration closed early because Waffles busted someone on the first hand. Curse loudly.

10:03pm Open my first beer.

10:05pm Start chatting on the girly chat thing.

10:06pm to 10:15pm Almost get talked into loading money onto UltimateBet so I can play Triple Draw with SoxLover.

10:25pm Eventually start up a couple of Full Tile $100 NL tables.

12:30pm "The Mookie" gets heads up between Waffles and JJOK.

12:45pm "The Mookie finishes". Congrats JJOK!

12:50pm Log off my cash tables. Realise that I have a booked a win that is equivalent to winning "The Mookie". Feel better about missing it.

12:55pm Remind myself to register in advance for next week's "The Mookie".

12:56pm Forget about registering in advance for next week's "The Mookie".

So I was bummed about missing the tournament, but my play on the cash tables made up for it. I still got to chat to the crew while they played, and it was nice to speak to a few new voices, including CarmenSinCity and MiamiDon.

I'm serious about registering early for next week's tournament though. Really.


  • I had fun chatting with you guys too last night. I'll try help you remember about the mookie next week too. I would probably forget all the time if Don wasn't here to remind me too :)

    By Blogger CarmenSinCity, at 4:28 PM  

  • If you have a USB Flash drive (thumb drive), download the software for whatever sites you play on (Stars, etc.). Be sure to do it from a computer that doesn't already have the software on it (such as work). Before you leave the office for the day, plug the drive in, boot up Stars, register for the Mookie, log off, leave, play footy, drink, go home, pee, and log on only a few hands into it.

    The flash drive thing works great. I've got clients for Stars, Tilt, and Party installed on a 256 MB drive, and it's still 3/4 empty. Maybe that will help you remember to sign up ahead of time. Have a good weekend and see ya out there.

    By Blogger iamhoff, at 1:17 PM  

  • Ha, this is too funny. I think I need to recruit more people to be part of the Weekly Garth Reminder team.

    By Blogger mookie99, at 4:46 PM  

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