Tuesday, May 30, 2006


There had been rumblings for some time that there would be a blogger home game up in NY some time over the Memorial Day weekend. As the date approached, I realised that I might actually be free - something of a luxury during footy season. Finally last week I bit the bullet and booked myself to travel up on Friday. It meant I would be busting out of work early, but I am always prepared to make such a sacrifice. Not to mention that the office would probably be morgue-like anyway.

Friday evening found me at the lovely apartment of SoxLover and SoxWife, beer in hand. I had previously met SoxLover during our run to Atlantic City a couple of months ago, but I hadn't yet met his better half, she of the infectious laugh. She was lovely, of course, and prepared to put up with me (more surprising), and I was glad they let me into their home. Suckers.

Jordan showed up, McDonalds and poker table in tow. A little later Dawn and Alceste rocked up, as did a non-blogger named Scott. Weak Player and Mrs Weak Player had unfortunately had their flight delayed, so they would be missing out on the beginning of festivities. We all had a bit of chat, knocking back drinks during the quasi-getting-to-know you that occurs when you are talking to bloggers who you have actually known, virtually, for a while.

The night began with a single rebuy tournament. The very first hand I was dealt wired 8s, and four of us saw the flop. Naturally I flopped a set, but with straight possibilities and two to the flush. Checked to me, I bet the pot, everyone folds. No one wants to get stacked on the first hand.

While I waited patiently for anything else resembling a hand, fireworks were going off. Dawn managed to almost bust in one hand, but instead of rebuying she proceeded to push prodigiously, working her stack way above the starting amount. Jordan proceeded to bust, rebuy, and bust again, eliminating him from the tournament. Being the lovely people we are, we decided to let him buy in again, though he decided to wait until the end of the first hour.

Right at the end of the first hour I had just over the starting stack. Deciding to take a shot at the last hand, or else rebuy and then add-on, I managed to pick up a small pot which ensured I couldn't rebuy. Just after the break Dawn "accidentally" raised to 75 in early position, instead of calling for 15 like she thought she was. I do think it was accidental, as I saw her do something similar in the cash game. Folded around to me, and I look down and see AK s00ted. Feeling this is a good spot to take the pot, I move all-in, which Dawn promptly calls. It's a race, with my AKs against her JJ. Unfortunately for the good guys no A or K appears, and I am Gigli.

I helped deal and shuffle as the rest of the tournament continued. Jordan, naturally, was chipping up nicely, and Dawn was also sitting on a pile of chips. SoxWife finished in third, and Dawn and Jordan decided to chop. As this was going on Weak and Mrs. Weak arrived, and it was great to meet them in person. Once they got squared away we started the 0.50/1.00 NL game.

I took a bit of punishment in the game, when my QQ ran into AK with a K on the flop, and on another hand when I held an overpair to a baby flop, except someone had a set. Jordan made a bit of cash, and SoxLover cracked Scott's set when he hit his two-outer on the river. Jordan had to leave early, healthily up, and a little later Scott, Dawn and Alceste floated away. That left SoxLover, SoxWife, Weak, Mrs. Weak and myself. All gamblers, all staying at Chez Sox that night. Which is how we gambled into the wee hours of the morning, bolstered by SoxLover's friend, the gambly Korean ATM. We played dealer's choice, and in turn dealt Triple Draw, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud, and maybe even Razz at some point. I was simultaneously attempting to destroy the apartment's supply of Red Stripe... a tough job, but I am nothing if not enthusiastic.

We finally finished up with a little freeze-out tournament, which SoxWife won. And I should mention that "we" is everyone who isn't SoxLover or the Korean ATM, who apparently played heads up for a while longer. But not this little duck; I curled up on the SoxCouch at 4:30am or something, down a few bucks, but after having had a great night.

Reviewing the previous nights events, I realised a few amusing things. 1) I could not win a coin flip all night (hey, it happens). 2) Some of the biggest pots I won all night were with the hammer. 3) The game with which I had my best results was Stud. What does this mean? Hell if I know. Bring me another Red Stripe!

We arose way-too-early the next morning, and we sat around chatting and drinking coffee, while I had the SoxCats (in particular Felix) draped all over me. The Soxs and the Weaks were off to a friend's house-warming, while I was going to meet another friend who I would be spending the rest of the weekend with. All in all I had a fantastic time, and it was awesome to meet other bloggers who I've spent a lot of time chatting with. There was another blogger game on Sunday night, which I was unable to attend as I was attending a BBQ and attempting to eradicate all Yuenglings on the premises. I was still able to send SoxLover a dial-a-shot, so I felt I contributed at least. It's the thought that counts.

After meeting a few bloggers now I am looking forward to July so I can catch up with them, as well as meet others in the flesh. And I promise I will be readier next time to play Triple Draw. That's not a threat, that's a promise.


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