Wednesday, May 10, 2006

WWdN Action

I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday, and I wasn't too amped about registering for the WWdN tournament. But I'm glad I did.

That is actually my best ever finish in a WWdN tournament, and my equal best finish in a blogger tournament (I also finished third in the HORSE tournament earlier this year). Making it sweeter was the fact that a bunch of us (Surflexus, SoxLover, Weak, Kat, Jules and Mookie) had entered into a "Last Longer" bet. UPDATE: Whups, forgot to include Waffles there as well. UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: And drewspop. Yeah, I'm absent-minded. Just a tad.

My play reminded me of the "Survivor" motto: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast... except you need to scrub the first two. I kept out of harm's way for most of the tournament, benefitting from a couple of timely suckouts. The first one occurred when I was feeling the pinch and I got to see a flop from the BB. I hoped that no one had hit the raggedy flop (containing two hearts), so I pushed in the hopes of nabbing the pot without a fight. No such joy, as someone called me down with their top pair. I thought I was done, but I managed to spike my 3 outer on the river. The second suck out occurred when there were only 12 or so left. I was the small stack by a margin, and needed to double to stand any chance. Given those parameters pushing from the button with T4 s00ted seemed OK, as stealing the blinds was good, but if I was called I was probably live. Called I was, but I managed to nail a flush to help propel me to the final table.

On the final table I tried to do my thing with my short-stack; try and keep out of the big stacks' way when possible, not being afraid to push when I think it was warranted. I did get some cards, but I didn't extract maximum value from them; I got AA in the BB twice when we were 5-handed - the first time it was folded around to me, and I thought it was going to happen the second time as well, but I managed to grab a few chips from CarmenSinCity.

My dodging and weaving paid off, as I eventually found myself down to the final three... except I had a tiny stack in comparison to the big boys. With the blinds humoungous I couldn't really bide my time, and ended up getting all my chips in with QTo vs A9o. No suckout this time, and I finish in 3rd. Rico played a great game... and you might recognise that Troublecat guy. Also known as Ryan (aka Absinthe), he has a 6 figure win to his name. I implore you to check out his blog, where he has the best tournament write-ups in town, as he mo-blogs while he is at the table. I understand he has got the set-up cooking for his new blog, so I am waiting in anticipation of some more goodness while he attends the current tournament series being played at Commerce. Go Ryan!

There were two moments during the tournament which I found terribly entertaining. Just after Surflexus busted, winning me the Last Longer, I had a succession of playable hands. Given my extremely short stack I proceeded to go all-in 5 times in a row, winning the blinds each time. This caught the attention of some of the railbirds in the gay IM thingy. I wish I had a transcript, but I'm going to paraphrase instead:

SoxLover: Woah! Talking about changing gears!
SoxLover: Garth has just gone psychopathic.

That got a giggle out of me.

The most entertaining (for everyone who is not Mookie) occurred earlier. Go here to check it out. Very good stuff.

UPDATE (yes, another one): I forgot to mention that I did not receive the Hammer once last night. Amazing. I guess that's what happens when you bust out the previous week re-raising all-in with the Hammer and getting it cracked by AQ. Karma, baby.


  • Congrats Garth. Nice run.

    By Blogger drewspop, at 11:12 AM  

  • Great job last night. I couldn't find a transcript from the chat either...Thanks again for the title/hand history.

    See you tonight.

    By Blogger mookie99, at 11:14 AM  

  • Congrats on the good showing. Good job.

    By Blogger AlCantHang, at 11:29 AM  

  • Nice one, G. I knew it would have been a bad idea for me to enter the last longer bet. Good read, Matt, good read.

    By Blogger Matt Silverthorn, at 12:02 PM  

  • Actually Garth, I was in the last longer too. Crap.

    By Blogger drewspop, at 12:34 PM  

  • Ah, I thought you might have been Chris. I couldn't remember exactly. I only remembered Waffles was in it when I saw he had transferred me money.

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 12:40 PM  

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