Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Disco Finery, With Guest Reporting Action!

An Official Friend of Disco Finery, the intrepid Weak Player, is off on far more exciting adventures than myself. Fresh after kissing the 9-5 work day goodbye, he spent some time at home, grinding away at the virtual tables. He is off for a week of "work" in LA, hitting the tables at Commerce Casino. Read his post here. He was unsure of his ability to blog while he is in LA (though some would question his ability to blog while he was still at home) despite my entreaties to do so. He considered letting one of his blogger friends have access to his blog to post reports, but felt that we would abuse the privilege. He knows us too well. As a stop-gap measure, I offered to have him text message me updates, which I will then publish on this blog.

Thus, we introduce a new feature to "Garthmeister J's Disco Finery": "Where's Weak Player?". Today's "Where's Weak Player?" update is as follows:

"La traffic blows"

Join us next time, as Weak continues to update us on his progress in the Wild Wild West.

* * * * * * * *

Not too much to report in my own chip flinging: I missed the WWdN last night due to beer and Thai food. I made up for it by grinding out the rest of my bonus on Party, though I forgot that I shouldn't cough up the entire bonus (almost) while doing so. Whups! Hey, at least I'm up for the bonus session as a whole, plus the bonus itself...

In other news, I discovered that there seems to be problem with UltimateBet's Triple Draw tables. When I tried to access them last night there was a message stating that no Triple Draw tables were available, and that I should access another tab. WTF? Has my romance with TD been nipped in the bud? What is it? A jealous lover (I'm looking at you PLO8)? General UltimateBet crappiness? Chris Fargis, afraid that I am encroaching on his territory?

There have been no updates on UB's web page regarding the Triple Draw status, and my operatives report that as of this morning no TD tables were operational...

I sure hope that whatver issue is preventing me from drawing to a smooth 8 are resolved post-haste. Either that or some other site better start offering Triple Draw ASAP. Just, you know, I'm startting to get the shakes man... I just need a hit, just one more hit! I can pay tomorrow, I swear!


  • Damn, I am getting that horrid message of no triple draw games too. I now see no reason to keep money on UB.

    By Blogger Wes, at 5:03 PM  

  • I think GamesGrid is the only other site that offers TD.

    But traffic there is very sparce.

    By Blogger Drizztdj, at 12:26 PM  

  • Funny

    "He was unsure of his ability to blog while he is in LA (though some would question his ability to blog while he was still at home)"

    By Blogger drewspop, at 12:46 PM  

  • It should be noted that the B2B network (Best Poker, Martin's Poker, etc.) also offers triple draw. Although, if you don't play in the Europoean primetime, there are hardly ever any games going.

    By Blogger Wes, at 3:06 PM  

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