Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Lot of Poker Talk for a Soccer Blog

Finally, my downswing has subsided. Not that I am on a rush, but it is just nice to post some winning sessions again. The main contributors to the positive side of the ledger have been the No Limit tables on Party, and my new love: Triple Draw. Seriously, every time I log onto UB and there isn't a table going at the limits I like (anywhere from 0.25/0.50 to 2/4) I die a little inside. I think I have been playing fairly decently, or at least not as badly as some others I have noticed. There are still some situations that arise where I am unsure of the correct action, due to my inexperience; in most of these occasions when I suffer from brainlock I usually just fold.

Unfortunately my tournament game seems to be broken, or at lest suffering from a mild sprain. The cause seems to be a combination of bad play with variance mixed in. The cure? Good play, and time. Yeah, I'll let you know how that one goes.

I also got my official email from PokerStars alerting me to the fact that I am registered for the the World Blogger Poker Championship. I just hope I'm not too hammered from drinking beer and cheering on my beloved Socceroos.

What a smooth segue to World Cup talk.

First off, my commiserations for those hardcore American soccer fans. It is extremely disappointing to have a "once in four years" opportunity to heighten the profile of the sport start so badly. Hopefully, for your sake at least, the Americans put up more of a fight against the Italians on Saturday.

The negativity surrounding Team USA thus makes me feel a little guilty for revelling in the match Australia played yesterday. It was totally worth sneaking out of work to watch in the little cafe downstairs. And then using my office phone to call people in Australia to celebrate the result. Prior to this World Cup, the only other time we have been to the Big Dance was in 1972. We had stumbled at the last hurdle for qualifying in the last two World Cups, Uruguay beating us out for a place in 2002, and a heart-breaking loss to Iran for the 1998 Cup. Prior to yesterday Australia hadn't scored a goal in World Cup competition, let alone won a game. So scoring three goals int he final eight minutes for a come from behind victory was pretty insane.

Our next game is against the 900 lb gorilla of our group, Brazil, who had a 1-0 victory over Croatia today. It was in our favour for Brazil to win today (essentially we are all playing for second place), but it would have been better if the score was 17-0. Sunday's game will be a huge affair, despite the face we will be heavy underdogs. Truthfully we are not expecting to win, or draw, but a good showing will be imperative before the potential showdown for the 2nd spot in the group with Croatia on the 22nd.

Go Aussie!


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