Friday, June 09, 2006

A Question of Time

Ah, nothing like the Friday morning hangover. Not my fault, of course. I was invited out to a friend-of-a-friend's shindig on her apartment block's rooftop deck. What was I going to say, "No."?! And when I arrived at said shindig, was it my fault that the hostess informed me that she had purchased a keg of Yuengling that needed to be consumed, and that I was the man for the job? Hell no! This confluence of events conspired to ensure that I had a boozy Thursday night, though the most embarrasing thing I ended up doing was consuming a gyro while walking home at 1am, oblivous to the tzatziki I was splattering over myself.


I am no stranger to the Friday morning hangover, which I sure no one is surprised to hear. When I first moved to the US I became friends with a Marine, and I used to go to the Thursday night "suds and buds". Just me, the random Aussie, and a bunch of marines, with the odd Navy chick or two. I guess they liked me, or at least found me amusing, and liked the fact that I could put away more than my share of booze. Though this resulted in more than a few rough Friday mornings, it never put me off knocking back a few too many on Friday night. That would just be wrong.

On the card this evening is drinks for a fallen comrade, fleeing the premises for greener pastures. As it is a work-themed happy hour, I am not sure how long it will last... or if anything will be happening later on. If nothing seems like it's happening, I will either retire to my local for a few more or meander back to Chez Garthmeister J. for some donkey poker.

At any rate, this weekend is the first for a while that I am not off travelling, so I will definitely be flinging chips on the felt virtual, attempting to arrest my downswing. Or failing that, having fun. Possible items on the agenda:
  • 100NL on Party. There is a 20% reload bonus going, which should help whip the fish into a frenzy. And free money is good.
  • SnGs on Party. I saw the other day that they have 50 person SnGs, which I'd like to check out. Anyone have any experience with these? A few two table affairs might be good as well.
  • MTTs on Party. Frankly, I need to have a shot at a 40k Guaranteed, or some such game.
  • Rebuy madness on Stars. Donkey poker is fun!
  • One of the big $20 or so tourneys on Stars. Change100 can't be mistaken!
  • 180 SnGs on Stars. Need I explain? Of course, I might have to explain why I have neglected these again.
  • Sunday morning satellite on Stars. I love me this tournament. It has been funding my retardo play in the WWdN and the Mookie.
  • Joe Speaker's favourite tournament. Calling this donkey poker is an offense to donkeys.
  • Triple Draw on UB. Because Chris Fargis is my hero.
Yes, yes indeed. Poker is fun.

* * * * * * * *

In addition to drinking, poker and footy there is the small matter of World Cup action. I ensured I took an extended lunch to catch the opening game, Germany vs Costa Rica. I am not going to give the result away, because I HATE HATE HATE when someone does that to me - especially in this Age of Tivo. I enjoyed the match, except for one small detail: I really can't get used to having American commentators for a game of soccer. It is jarring to me to hear an American accent during a match, especially after a lifetime of hearing some Pom (that's an Englishman, for you non-Aussies) doing the play-by-play with maybe a drunken Scot doing the analysis. During halftime the Irish bartender leaned over to me and pointed out that

Australia play their first match on Monday morning at 9am... so I am hoping to be able to be able to turn up to work late. We are in a tough group, with Brazil, Japan, and Croatia. I am hoping that we can beat Japan, and draw or beat Croatia. A win over Brazil would be completely insane, and may result in a nationwide alcoholic binge of epic proportions. Either way it's going to be difficult for us to squeeze through into the second round.

On behalf of the nation of Australia, I cordially invite one and all onto the Aussie bandwagon. Step right up, there's plenty of room.


  • must be nice to watch the football at a reasonable hour of the day - needless to say I'm less than impressed at the concept of middle of the night soccer. The bars, of course, are loving the extended drinking hours - but NOBODY is going to work at a reasonable hour on Tuesday.

    Of course, at least I get the Pom commentary :)

    By Blogger Jules, at 2:53 PM  

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