Thursday, July 20, 2006


Last night instead of working off a bonus at Party (now expired) or playing The Mookie, I went out drinking with my ex-neighbour. Just before midnight I was notified that the TD Whale was back on the tables, but I was still doing 12 ounce bicep curls. When I eventually got home the Whale was still playing, so I got in line for a seat, and waited. And waited. Then waited some more. Still, with the waiting. Eventually (after unsuccessfully attempting to sign up for a FT tournament - yay Drunk Garth!) I decided to crash.

So instead of cashing a bonus, playing The Mookie, and gutting a fish I ended up drunk off my ass and getting less sleep than I like.

Sure as hell was fun though.

* * * * * * * *

Due to work crushage and the aforementioned priority issues, I'll finish my Vegas Trip Report soonish (I know you are all dying for installments). Though I am away this weekend. Urgh. OK, I'll at least try and finish before the next Summer Classic. You have my word on that. Maybe.


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