Thursday, July 20, 2006

Speaking of Priorities...

Bobby Bracelet is once again on the rampage, with fantasic items to bid for on eBay. Please go to the auctions page and bid on an item or two. The items up for grabs include tickets to the Full Tilt WSOP Gala at Pure, and tickets to Howard Lederer's 4th Annual World Series of Beer and Karaoke Championship. I am literally gobsmacked. That's pretty fucking cool.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Mike Krzyzewski has also donated a signed Duke cap. The jury is out on whether this makes me hate Duke less or not, but it's a crackerjack item. I implore all Duke lovers and haters to try and obtain the item. There's every possibility that if I manage to snaffle it, I may end up putting photos of me burning it with a group of specially invited UNC fans. I could probably charge an entry fee. Hmm...

OK, back. Had to put a bid down on the Duke cap.

Right, where was I? Yeah, there are plenty of more items available, so get cracking! And don't let the Luckbox have the opportunity to let Bobby Bracelet bust out the Pussy Dance. I am still smarting from being outbid for Isabelle last round.

I mean, seriously, I haven't even mentioned dinner with Steve Zolotow at his favourite NY restaurant, or a 2 hour poker lesson with Robert Mizrachi...

OK, back again. Had to go bid for dinner with Steve. And then I put another bid down on the Card Player package.

Seriously, are you still here? Go now! I am currently winning three of the auctions, you pansies!

Poker Pro's Donate Items for Charity Auction


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