Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tuesday Night Planning

A few weeks ago my Aussie Rules footy club changed their training night from Wednesday to Tuesday. Approximately 10pm on a Tuesday night used to find me racing back from the pub, hoping to either a) sign up for The Mookie since I had forgotten to pre-register, or b) log in before I was blinded off too heavily. Post-schedule-change I no longer have to worry so much about the Mookie, but it does mean that my participation in the WWdN has bitten the dust.

I did endeavour to play some cards last night, however, again of the Non-Hold'em variety. I once more signed up for a low-limit HORSE SnG, and while it was running got talked into a PLO8 SnG by Drizz (he could smell the dead money).

I again did well in HORSE, though it meant I was concentrating on that SnG to the detriment of PLO8 (and since I was "under the influence", there was not much concentration to go round). Playing two SnGs like this at the same time was interesting - thank goodness for FT's new feature of displaying the poker variant that is currently being played in the middle of the table! I was quite proud to only screw up once or twice with what game it was, and even then I realised my mistake while only throwing away a single bet.

The other thing I noticed (or failed to notice) while playing two non-Hold'em SnGs at the same time was the number of people remaining, and stack sizes. Some "experts" believe these facts to be importan. At one stage I came back from playing a hand in PLO8, and realised that I had made the money in HORSE! Then I came back from playing another hand in PLO8, during which I had been very aggressive in Razz, and noticed that I had almost all the chips. When it got to being heads up in HORSE I held an 8.5k to 3.5k chip advantage.

Needless to say I felt pretty confident. I felt even more confident when we got it all in in Stud on 6th St, when I had Kings up. My opponent had merely a pair of 7s, and I was preparing to do my victory dance. On 7th street my opponent spiked a 7, and I swore mightily.

After that hand I just couldn't make any headway. I lost another big stud hand when we both held a pair of 8s but I was outkicked. I just could not get it together, and eventually finished in 2nd place. I'm still pretty happy with my play, but I am a little annoyed I couldn't put it away even after the spiked 7.

Once I had busted in HORSE it meant I could return my focus entirely to PLO8. Up to that point I hadn't played that many hands, though some I played a little, ahem, loosely. Early on I pushed with the flopped nut straight and no redraw against two others, but my high held and took half the pot. My next big hand occurred when I wasn't paying attention (due to the aforementioned HORSE), and decided my pocket KK24 might let me push all the callers out of the pot. Except that the intial raiser was Drizz (whups!) and even then at least one caller called my re-raise (told you I wasn't paying attention). Drizz had AA double-suited (natch) and took down a large pot that propelled him ITM.

Post-HORSE there were only 4 of us remaining in PLO8, though I was the short stack. Only 3 paid, and I began to get antsy. I won a pot when I hit top set, but then I decided it was worth taking a risk on an extremely marginal hand (and that is being kind), and that was it for me.

Looking at my HORSE game I am happy with how I played, and am seriously considering making these a part of my diet, at least short-term. I'd like to play one or two with a larger buy-in to see how I fare against (potentially) tougher competition.

As for my PLO8 game... well, I'm a bit rusty. Maybe a bit more than a bit rusty. I think I have to do a little review of my game, as I did make at least two bad plays, and one dodgy-ish one. I did play a number of hands extremely well, and was unlucky not to scoop at least two large pots when I managed to get people HU who were only playing for half the pot when I had redraws out the wazoo. Interestingly I think playing two tables at once was good for my PLO8 game, as it ensured I played tight(er). Definitely something to work on.

* * * * * * * *

Thanks to those who chimed in on the last post. I'm still not sure about where I am going, but it is always good to hear from those whose thoughts you respect. Not to mention people who know my game reasonably well. Stay tuned.


  • I would have commented Garth, but my game is so advanced that I have a hard time explaining it and offering advice based on my experiences.

    Alright, off to play some .02/.04 NL...

    By Blogger Huge Junk, at 6:47 PM  

  • If you can hit up those PLO8 SnGs more often there was some horrible play that would almost assure you'd make the cash each time.

    Of course I'm more then happy to hop into the game as well :)

    By Blogger Drizztdj, at 2:14 PM  

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