Friday, July 14, 2006

Vegas Trip Report, Part 2: What's a CBGC?

"That's not a good razz hand!" - Penner, to me, after looking at my down cards as I raised the pot.

Vegas does strange things to a person. Not only do they hide all references to time and pump enough oxygen into the air to enable you to lift entire blackjack tables over your head, but I swear they have stealth speakers in their hotel rooms which emit subsonic buzzes to wake you up after you have had a minimal amount of sleep. How else can you explain why I decided to wake up a mere 3 hours into my sleep after a 34 hour bender?

Normally I might give myself a talking to, roll over, and attempt to get back to sleep. But not here. After realising that I was wide awake I vaulted out of bed and attempted to get ready stealthily so I didn’t disturb SoxLover’s repose. I failed miserably, as Sox began to stir as I was briskly getting my shit together.

I explained to the newly awakened Sox that since I was upright I may as well go down to the bar to see if anyone was there before heading to the MGM. My room-mate took stock of his situation, decided that he wasn’t going to be able to make it… and then announced that he thought he might make a trip on the porcelain bus. I nodded my head, and proceeded to flee the premises as quickly as I could. Later on Sox admitted that he was ready to blow chunks immediately, but did me the service of waiting until I was out of earshot. God bless that man.

Down at the Excal a few of the crew I had met the night before were already holding court. As I walked to the bar I realised that I recognised someone at the bar that I had never met in person. Being the shy person I am I stuck out my hand and said “Hi Felicia! Pleased to meet you!” Felicia was initially surprised that another person recognised her, but then turned around and remembered me from an blogger PLO tournament we played earlier in the year. Now that was surprising.

After a few drinks, meets and greets we wandered down to the MGM for some HORSE action. I grabbed some chips and sat down at the second table that opened. My table featured an already drunk Veneno (with Al tagging in for the stud rounds), Zeem, April, Penner and Spaceman, amongst others. Penner was seated on my direct right, which was a position he would seem to occupy for most of the weekend. Spaceman was showing how he rolls by buying in for $500 at a 2/4 table – apparently he was taking up the torch from Drizz.

I’m a fan of HORSE, especially in this environment. I usually claim that I would prefer for it to be ORSE (omitting the round I think I am weakest in compared to the average blogger), but I wouldn’t mind adding Triple Draw to the mix. That would make it: triple draW, Hold’em, Omaha hi/lo, Razz, stud Eight or better, Stud. Why wouldn’t any casino spread some WHORES? My normal dislike of the H round turned to be unfounded as I turned my AK into a boat on the river, dragging a nice pot.

Eventually Spaceman and April (both on my direct left) got up, to be replaced by Felicia and Glenn. Aiiyah! Felicia immediately noticed that I was wearing flip-flops, and warned me that I was going to catch cholera. I informed her that I had already had my shots, but that I did have this nasty rash.

I was having a good time chatting to my tablemates, limping into as many O8 pots as I could, raising as many Razz pots as I could, wearing my Disco Glasses[tm] where appropriate, and trying to meet the cast of characters filtering into the room.

After a while I decided it was time to let someone else have a go at HORSE, so I could retire to the bar and chat to all and sundry. Again I met too many people to mention them all by name: Miami Don, Carmen, Joaquin, Joe Speaker, Change100, Waffles… oh yes, Waffles. The most eagerly waited appearance by a blogger was made by the self-proclaimed Mad Man, and people were literally flocking from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the New Englander.

At one stage Speaker, Joaquin, Al and I began chatting about football (the European kind) as we discussed the World Cup results and mulled over the final. Every now and then Al and I would break into a Chelsea chant just to annoy the Liverpudlian and Arsenal supporters in our midst.

The MGM Bar was also the site of the infamous CBGC incident, where all and sundry were at the mercy of Canadian Double Trouble. They were aided and abetted by Veneno herself, who was able to convince Change100 to repeat a partial dose of her grabbing magic.

A while later I realised that I really needed to get some food in my belly, and then probably some sleep before attacking Caesar’s for the WPBT event. After knocking back some fajitas in the MGM’s Studio Café, Al and I wandered back to the Excalibur. I slipped into the room trying again not to disturb the resting SoxLover (failure once more). This time I would definitely get some rest, so I could make it to the big tournament in decent shape… right?


  • I should be embarrassed, but touching you was sooo worth it. You are a "10" in my book!

    Great to meet you Garth. Such a good time...

    By Blogger Veneno, at 10:44 PM  

  • It wasn't the fact that you were wearing flip-flops that would cause cholera. It was the fact that you WEREN'T wearing them, and putting your bare feet on the MGM floor. Ewwww!

    Great to meet you!

    By Blogger Felicia :), at 11:27 AM  

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