Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I am in the middle of work crushage, which is not keeping things terribly pleasant. But hey! these things happen.

Despite such burdens I have not been able to stay away from the tables. Monday night I was feeling a bit blah, but then recalled that the new HORSE tables on Stars were going, so I decided to have a tilt. I played 2/4 for over an hour, and ended up down about half a buy-in, mostly due to two hands were both times someone called me down and hit their hands despite my scary exposed cards (uh, my mastery of mixed games jargon leaves something to be desired). Mind you, I did get lucky in an O8 hand where I thought I was pumping the pot for a probable split but it turned out my over-aggressive opponent had air. I may still play some HORSE in the future, though I may move down to the 1/2 tables until I get properly acclimatised.

Towards the end of my HORSE session I decided to jump on a 2/4 Triple Draw table (of course), though the table quickly broke and I ended up down a bit. A little later, as I began inhaling a bottle of red wine, I joined SoxLover on a 3/6 table. Which turned out to be not such a hot idea as I lost a few big hands, some I should have avoided, but one in particular was galling. A fishy player decided that my bet on the end was worth calling with K high... and he was correct. Erk.

The table broke a little later, and to my dismay I realised that my night's messing around had cost me in the realm of $150, which took a chunk out of my hard-won weekend winnings. I was annoyed with myself, as I felt I played when I didn't necessarily feel like playing... and then didn't play well. I knew that I could beat the 1/2 Triple Draw tables, but even taking variance into consideration it seemd I was underpeforming at 2/4 and 3/6, with too many sessions where I seemed to lose more than I should. I was also aware that with my Aussie trip looming I may not have too many opportunites to play some cards, but given my performance maybe it was time to pack it away for the duration.

Yesterday I got killed at work, figuratively and almost literally. I managed to flee the premises in time to catch the last 5 minutes of footy training, which meant I was just in time to join the boys in going to the bar. I travelled there in style, jammed into the back of a tiny restored Austin convertible, flying through the streets of Washington, DC. At the bar I consumed a bunch of 10 cent wings, many Yuenglings, and even managed a dial-a-shot to AlCantHang before I weaved my way back to my apartment. It was late, and I hadn't had much sleep the night before. Clearly it was time to have a shower, grab a beer, and play some 3/6 Triple Draw.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. This can't end well.

Surprise! The table was fishalicious, despite a couple of the Triple Draw regulars trying to get in on the action. But I noticed something in my play - something had clicked, and I was able to steer clear of marginal hands that I had found myself previously playing and chasing. I stayed in hands where I had odds, but was able to dump them if I did not improve enough early in the hand. And I was able to abuse people when I made what I felt was the best hand.

I have had similar sessions before - I recall one a couple of weeks back where I seemed to be in the zone, picking off people's bluffs, being able to bluff when I felt people were weak, and breaking hands that needed to be broken. That didn't mean that that session resulted in a win (breaking a hand correctly doesn't necessarily mean you win the hand, for instance), but it felt good to have such a good read of the table.

Last night was a different story, results-wise. In about two hours I ended up $290, plus bonus worked off, plus rakeback. The only reason I stopped was because it finally got down to three-handed, with the latest chip-leakers not being replaced by other people keen to donate... and one of the remaining players was one of the solid regulars (who was down).

It was also 2am, and I was smashed.

This all paid off wonderfully when I was called just after 5am for a work issue - and I am not even on call at the moment, I just happened to be the sucker that answered their phone. 2.5 hours later I was able to return to my bed to catch some sleep, but on the back of Monday I am not exactly firing on all cylinders. And I am still getting killed at work. And I have loose plans to catch up with one of my ex's for a drink.


All this probably means that come 1am tonight I'll be squinting drunkenly at a Triple Draw table, trying to work out if I am being snowed, while taking a swig from a beer.

Sure hope I'm winning.


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