Thursday, August 10, 2006


You may or may not be aware that Bobby Bracelet has got more goodies up For Peyton. This batch features a great selection cool stuff. My personal highlights are a signed Kenna James cowboy hat ( I am the current high bidder - yee haw!) and an autographed Layne Flack Full Tilt jersey plus an autographed photo of the man they call "Back-to-back". There are also other framed autographed photos of some of your favourite poker players: Daniel Negreanu, TJ Cloutier, Antonio Esfandiari (who appears to be quite the accomplished cash game player from what I have seen on High Stakes Poker), Carlos Mortensen, Erick Lindgren, Michael Gracz, and everyone's favourite foot-fetishist David Williams. And if you have missed out so far, there is another Card Player package and poker DVD package.

Bid early, and bid often.

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Last night I played a lot of Triple Draw. I think I am starting to become an addict. ("Starting?!", I hear you cry. Shaddup.) Last night I played a fair whack of 3/6 Triple Draw, which had it's ups and downs. The skill levels between various players can be huge, and pigeon-holing your opponents is of paramount importance. Even so, things can get messy when one of the better players gets hit in the face with the deck... I watched one guy win 5 or 6 straight hands for a nice $200 or so run. Please notice that I am not displaying bitterness over being one of the donators when I check-raised on the end with what happened to be the second best hand. Exactly.

It's true that I can't really complain; my first session I ended down a couple of BB which I probably made back on worked off bonus and rakeback. The second session was more swingy, and I was nicely stuck at one point. The beautiful thing is that sometimes all it takes is one hand to get you back, and so it was with me when I made the best hand possible (23457 in 2-7 Triple Draw) with multiple people in the hand, taking down a pot worth $110 or so. Mind you, I was so stuck that that didn't quite get me into the black.

I continued to play even when the Mookie started, much to my detriment in the tournament. I have discovered that it appears I suck at tournaments when I am multi-tabling, and last night was no exception... a quick flame-out was on the books. I find it interesting, as it appears that I can single table tournaments fine if I am distracted with chat or TV, but if I am doing something else that takes concentration (for example, playing another table of poker) I suck completely.

By that stage I was being heckled by a particular princess to join a lower limit Triple Draw table, so after I dragged a pot that finally made me unstuck (and then some) I left to fling some less-serious chips about.

Going from 3/6 to 0.25/0.50 was a little of a shock to the system. These people were bad. So Maigrey and I set about having fun. Drizz got word and wanted to play, demanding that we bust one of the peeps on the table. This took longer than expected as the first guy we busted insisted on rebuying, but eventually we had a semblance of a blogger Triple Draw table going.

Finally, just after midnight, we finished up. I had taken down about $12 or so, but it was Maigrey who was the big winner, more than doubling up her $25. Taking $40 or so off a 0.25/0.50 table in 90 mins or so is a pretty decent effort.

I don't expect to be playing too much tonight, as I have a post-work happy hour to go to, happily within crawling distance of my apartment. Of course this probably means that I will be logging on drunk and gambly later in the evening, but that's a threat, not a promise.


  • Thanks for making it to the tourney last night. I assume you play your Triple Draw on UB ? If so, what site did you go through for the rakeback ? I've never played on UB before.

    By Blogger mookie99, at 1:59 PM  

  • Yep, I play on UB. I think the only other sites are strange Euro sites (there were some mentioned when I was panicking a while back that UB had discontinued Triple Draw). For rakeback I use If you decide to sign up, make sure you mention my name (details about it on the "Referrals" link). ;)

    By Blogger Garthmeister J., at 3:02 PM  

  • Don't play Bingo while drunk!

    By Blogger Drizztdj, at 3:02 PM  

  • Don't forget that I'm now auctioning the opportunity to have Bobby Bracelet, Internet Celebrity, crash your home game along with Donkey Puncher. Plus we have some signed pics for the ladies.

    By Blogger Huge Junk, at 11:46 AM  

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