Friday, August 04, 2006


I'm not going to lie to you people out there in blogger-land: I have multiple email addresses. As has also been previously established, I am a Master Procrastinator. When these powers combine it is possible for me to totally miss emails that I really would have liked to have read... if I had gotten off my ass to actually look and see what is there.

That's how I almost missed an email from the inestimable doubleas, who was having a home game that neatly coincided with Falstaff being in the DC Metro area. Never being one to let logistics or good sense get in the way of gambling I immediately set off for doubleas-Vegas to see what I could see. I arrived fashionably late, which allowed me to do my best Hellmuth impersonation. To be honest I had no idea what to expect... I was wondering if I was about to swim right into a shark pool.

doubleas' mates were a good bunch, and immediately let myself and Falstaff feel welcome. They also did not seem to mind when we both made the final four of the first tournament (top 3 paid). I was sitting pretty, right up untilt he point I bet aggressively into the monster stack's flopped set (this is an advanced play). I then managed to survive going all-in with Falstaff, when his AA was unable to defeat my KJo - board came down KTQJA. Live poker is rigged! It wasn't too long after that effort that I decided that pushing with my pocket 4s seemed a sensible idea, but the monster stack was happy to enter a race... which I lost. Yay for being the Bubble Boy!

I then entered the cash Dealer's Choice game upstairs, where we played some Badugi, PLO8, French Hold'em (a split pot game, with two boards being dealt simulataneously) and Screw Your Neighbour. I had played Badugi once before (while drunk at SoxLover's place), but for the life of me could not remember how to play it. This did not prevent me from taking down a monster Badugi pot, good for (maybe) $5+... not bad in a $0.10/0.20 game.

Soon enough the first tournament ended, with Falstaff defeating the monster stack. We immediately set about the second tournament. I got involved with doubleas in a hand when I noticed that he hadn't looked at his cards pre-flop (though he noticed me noticing). As the flop came out I put my hand over my face, so I couldn't see the flop. He checked to me, I went all-in, and he folded. I decided to show my KK anyway.

I then busted another guy when I was dealt AA in the BB, EP raiser, LP re-raiser. I pushed, EP called, LP folded the hammer face-up. Despite getting such horrible cards I eventually managed to make it to HU play, where given the time of the night and the fact that my opponent had roughly equal number of chips we decided to chop. A fine ending to a fine poker evening.

Falstaff was staying in Arlington, so I caught a ride back with him towards DC. Based upon Falstaff's rough description of where he was staying I attempted guide us to his hotel. This was no mean feat considering that a) I have never driven in the USA, b) I have no direction sense, and c) I am pretty shaky outside DC proper... and DC has a grid road system. But despite all the obstacles in my way my luck continued to hold, and I was able to see Falstaff off safely. I just hope he's enjoying the 7 hour drive home.


  • Glad you could make it out. Looking forward to next time.

    By Blogger doubleas, at 4:00 PM  

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