Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fun With the Bankroll

As I have been mentioning (incessantly), I have been playing a lot of Triple Draw on Ultimate Bet. One of the annoying things about the game is that there is huge void between levels. You might (might) see a 1/2, 2/4 or 3/6 game, but the next semi-regular game seems to be 10/20. Until recently I was a little uncomfortable playing 3/6, but recently I have gotten over that, and been playing well in that game. And this I have been thinking... when should I have a tilt at 10/20?

I had tossed around the idea of waiting until my UB bankroll had grown to a reasonably level and then having a shot at the 10/20 game, and seeing how I go. I have watched a bit of the play there, and thought I could mix it up at that level. Of course given the variance of the game the roll could take a bit of damage quickly, so that would be the worry. But I felt that eventually I should try it.

So today I was doing stuff in preparation for going to Australia on Wednesday, and decided to see if any TD games were running. No 1/2, 2/4 or 3/6... but there was some 10/20 going. I was feeling nice and alert, and hell, a little bit frisky. So why not take a shot?

OK, OK, we know there are a large number of reasons for me not to sit down. But I ignored all of them, sitting down at the table with 1k. And got shelled almost immediately.

I punched on, logging a 4.5 hour session, but by the time the game broke I was sitting at just over $500... meaning I was down almost half my buy-in. My low point, after a seemingly endless streak of being outdrawn and missing my draws, was $200 or so. Here's the thing - I felt I could beat the players there. There was some extremely marginal play being shown, even though I recognised where I was making mistakes in places. I missed a few bets, and paid off a few I shouldn't have. I kept my marginal plays to a minimum, and was able to elicit extra bets, and won hands when I stood my ground instead of breaking my hand as I gained reads on my opponents. In fact, I felt the game was good enough I would have played for even longer if the same players stayed around.

But nonetheless, a loss of $500 is a not-insignificant hole in the roll.

I have been continuing to think about where my poker is going. I find myself playing NLHE tournaments and TD almost exclusively, with decent results until today's attempt to step up in Triple Draw. The amount of poker I play in the near future will probably be minimal due to my trip home, so it will probably be good to step away and think about my game. I do feel that if I am serious about my game that shots at higher limits should be part of my development... I just have to ensure that I do it intelligently, as a calculated risk rather than a rash decision. No guts, no glory, right?


  • I have done the same thing. Played well at a lower level and jumped up when the only game going was at a higher level. Just a matter of time before you get back there and build the bankroll up again.

    Taking a step away from HE is good. Works the mind. So does taking some time off from the games altogether.

    Enjoy your trip home.

    By Blogger StB, at 9:04 AM  

  • You'll be able to build that back up soon enough.

    Have a safe trip back to Australia! Bring me back a kangaroo!

    By Blogger Matt Silverthorn, at 2:18 PM  

  • Safe travels Garth...enjoy your time at home with your family :-)

    By Blogger katitude, at 9:12 PM  

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