Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday Morning Pit Boss

Hallelujah! I have internet access and cable again! I was able to duck out of work early on Friday to ensure I was home for the "4pm to 7pm" Comcast slot... and the techie arrived 30 seconds after I got home. And reconnected my incorrectly disconnected cable within 5 minutes.


What's a man supposed to do once he has internet action restored after a one week absence? Play a bunch of poker, that's what. Here's a breakdown of my weekend:

  • To celebrate my internet connection being restored, I join Weak_player in the $11 Rebuy tournament on Stars, kicking off at 5pm. At the beginning of the 3rd hour I have the robust 2250 chips, giving me an M of less than 2. In 40 minutes I work this up to 16k, and am feeling good as there are 300 left out of the original 1100, with 99 getting paid. And that's when I get my AK pre-flop raise and continuation bet called by the table big stack (32k or so). The turn gives me a K, but I get check-raised all-in. I am pot-committed so call... and the big stack rolls over 22(!). Guess what the river is? Yes, I owe you a dollar. Well played sir.
  • Being eliminated at an important juncture in a tournament with a large prize pool, while a 95% fave, plus my lingering flu, leaves me unmotivated for more poker. I watch "Half Baked" and get hit by intense fatigue. I decide to turn in early. It is 10:30pm.
  • I can't recall the last time I went to bed at 10:30pm on a Friday.
  • Saturday I am up early to play Aussie Rules football. I inform everyone that I am still under the weather, so I need to be lazy. They put me up forward and I proceed to kick 4 goals.
  • After the game we head to the bar for food and drink. I do not drink any alcohol.
  • I can't recall the last time I went to a bar after footy and did not drink.
  • Home, shower, and then some Triple Draw. I post a good win at 1/2.
  • Nap time! Seriously, naps are the bee's knees.
  • More Triple Draw. I post a loss at 2/4.
  • At midnight I go and meet some friends of mine at a place near my joint called The Brickskeller, famous for having an insane number of beers. I consume beers from Australia, Russia, Belgium, England, and Germany. The last beer I consume, EKU 28, is 11% alcohol.
  • At 3am I make it home. Time for 3/6 Triple Draw!
  • I take an absolute pounding in Triple Draw. Despite being down a bunch I am too stupid/stubborn/drunk to leave the table. Somehow I manage to fight back. Finishing in the black(just): $12. Fighting back from being down $150: Priceless. Well OK, not priceless: $150.
  • I hang up Triple Draw and join Ryan and Joe Speaker on a 0.25/0.50 Razz table. I manage to drag a $9 pot.
  • Speaker and I agree to a $50 bet on the English Premiership finish: I am giving the Reds 5 points. I like my Blues' chances of winning me money.
  • I finally go to bed at 5am on Sunday morning.
  • I then proceed to wake up, for some stupid reason, at 10:15am. This gives me plenty of time to decide if I am actually awake enough to get up or not, so I can play the 11:30am satellite to the Stars 1M Guaranteed.
  • People, I have said this before, but I heart the Sunday 11:30am satellite. SoxLover was unfortunate enough to have his KK cracked by Q8 (!), but I managed to get right to the bubble. I was right on the edge of elimination, but figured that I should be able to slide into the $$$ as a couple of short stacks would not be able to make the big blind, and should get called down by everyone. Case in point: a short stack is all-in in the BB on one table... which proceeds to fold around to the SB, who calls... and the BB triples up. I am swearing at the collection of morons who do not know what the hell they are doing, and realise I need to double up. UTG (when I will be all-in on the BB next hand) I decide to push with JTo, hoping that a) people are retarded and won't call my bet, and b) if I do, I am live. I get called in only two places(!), and the board comes all clubs. I have the Jack of clubs and quadruple up. I cash.
  • My rakeback crew then have a free-roll on at Interpoker. The tournament is short-handed (6 max) for some reason, and the blinds escalate wildly - both things are not good signs for me. Despite this I go for the gusto and manage to final table the tournament (78 started). During the tournament I saw 7 or so Ax versus Ax confrontations, and in every single one of them either the smaller Ace won or it was a split pot. This counts my bustout hand, when AJ s00ted beat my AQ s00ted. 6th of 78 nets me $50 free dollars.
  • I then take a break, and actually leave my apartment. I know, shocking.
  • The outside world is scary, and I retreat to a bar to have a beer at one point.
  • But I eventually return, and play some 1/2 Triple Draw. The table is fishtastic, with three confirmed fish willing to donate. I stay on for a long session, booking a decent win. Triple Draw being what it is one of the biggest fish manages to be a big winner.
  • Sunday11:30pm: I pass out, amazed that I was able to keep functioning for that long on 5 hours of drunken sleep.
So that was my weekend! Some people say that I play too much poker, but those people are obviously crazy.

* * * * * *

I missed the Sports Guy's write-up of his WSOP adventures when it was first posted, butI can't say I was very impressed when I got around to it (though obviously my expectations were low). Mean Gene continued his series of critiques with another nice takedown of Simmons. Check it out.

* * * * * *

A good friend of mine is also a co-worker, and was speaking to one of the manager's in our group (who is a great guy) on Friday night. The manager was about to play some poker with his buddies, and All-star (my mate) outed me as a poker player. This morning the manager (let's call him C) came around to my cube to chat about cards. I was initially reticent to talk much, but C is a great guy, and clearly only starting to come to grips with the game. We had a little chat, and he asked if I had any books that he could recommend for him. He has picked up HoH, which I said was a good one (though he and his buddies play mostly cash). I will probably lend him Sklansky's Texas Hold'em as it is a good introduction to hand rankings, position, pot odds etc., and Phil Gordon's Little Green Book. I am currently reading doubleas book, so I might pass that onto him as well once I am done - or better yet, get C to purchase it himself.

I am mixed about being "outed" at work. I don't know if C will tell anyone else, but I am pretty happy not being known as a poker player at work. Anyone else had much experience with it?


  • Umm, don't let anyone know anything about you at work. EVER!

    Also, naps are so much more the cat's pajamas than they are the bee's knees. C'mon man, you're better than that.

    By Blogger Huge Junk, at 1:56 PM  

  • I don't mind people knowing I play poker, but it is annoying when they've found out more details. Knowing I travel to play, play for decent money and have a book in my name definitely doesn't help things.

    I'm not sure I would enjoy keeping it a major secret as I consider many co-workers friends, but I definitely try to change the subject when it gets on poker.

    By Blogger doubleas, at 2:05 PM  

  • My immediate boss, the technical lead on my project, and several co-workers know that I play poker, and I haven't had any problems. It usually doesn't come up in discussion anyway.

    By Blogger Matt Silverthorn, at 9:27 AM  

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