Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Out of Action

If you were wondering about the lack of activity from me recently, it's all due to a company (to paraphrase Joe Speaker) that shall go nameless, but rhymes with "Comcast". Last Friday evening I lost my cable and internet service, rather abruptly. Despite my attempts to remedy the situation, and calls to the Comcast helpdesk, no dice. So I scheduled an appointment for a technician to come around and have a look. The 9am to noon slot on Tuesday (today) was the earliest I could get, and I figured it would be best. After all, once I was sorted out I could work from home - and even if the techie got waylaid at someone else's I had less chance of getting bumped altogether.

At least, that was the theory. Today, after many calls, and much wailing and gnashing of teeth I was informed that the technician's truck had broken down and that they wouldn't be able to look at my problem today.

They informed me of this at 4pm. After many "he'll be there in an hour" type excuses.

Don't get me wrong - they offered me 30 days free service as recompense. But I had to reshedule my appointment, and I don't really want to trash another day at work. I settled for Friday evening, so I can duck out of work early and begin drinking heavily. The drinking should take the edge off of my anger if and when the techie doesn't appear. Maybe.


* * * * * *

I have been remiss in not mentioning the auction item of a lifetime For Peyton. That's right, it's possible for you to bid for DonkeyPuncher and Bobby Bracelet to crash your home game. Or just do Soco shots until you pass out. Or have DonkeyPuncher instruct you on the finer points of waxing.

Bid here. There is only just over a day left! You're not afraid of trying to beat my bids, are you?! GO GO GO GO GO


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